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The Pageant

Presented by The Beryls Victoria Beauvoir and Roger Seahorse are on a mission to bring children’s beauty pageants to every Australian town. They won’t stop until they find their next…

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SPACE: The Flat Frontier

Presented by Celestial Effects Productions. Celestial Effects Productions is a Brisbane based group creating hilarious,challenging and sometimes glamorous material across a range of genres for audiences to enjoy. This is…

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The Great Grandiosa

Presented by Act React A 100% legitimate psychic and medium so rare she is almost well-done, The Great Grandiosa is ready to offer you spiritual succour, fortune telling and wisdom…

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In the Dark

Presented by Big Fork Theatre The lights go down, but they don’t come back up. Immerse yourself in a completely improvised audio-only experience, as the cast create and explore hilarious…

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