An evening with “Conversations with Maria!” Step into Maria’s world…

Where the spotlight shines on her hilarious yet heartfelt journey of everyday chaos. Maria, our fearless protagonist, finds herself trapped in a job straight out of a nightmare, surrounded by customers straight from comedy central. But fear not, as Maria’s wit and resilience shine through as she regales us with tales of her day, transforming mundane mishaps into uproarious anecdotes as she sings 60’s ballads, art songs, opera and music theatre. As Maria navigates the absurdities of her life, she draws uncanny parallels to the legendary opera star Maria Callas, weaving a tapestry of humour and poignancy that’ll leave you in stitches and reaching for the tissues.

Premiering as part of the Anywhere Festival, “Conversations with Maria!” will play for one night only at cool retro venue: The Junkbar,  August 3rd at 7pm. Limited tickets available – secure yours now for an evening that could change everything!  

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