Review: This is Your Trial

Catherine Lawrence is delighted to see that the 2024 Anywhere Festival Moreton Bay program includes two different shows from the Act React ‘stable.’ Tickets may just still be available for the 16 May This is Your Trial show, or book ahead for the 26 May Flabbergasters! magic.

Catherine clearly loved last night’s This is Your Trial

One of the many things I love about Anywhere Festivals is discovering to new places in and around Brisbane and the Moreton Bay region, and to enjoy a great evening’s entertainment. Oops, sorry; that’s two things. An ideal gaffe to be the subject of an Act React ‘case’ in the This is Your Trial show…

If you are looking for an enjoyable night out with friends, a family treat, or just a solo night away from the screen… then This is Your Trial is for you. You just have to be quick, as this particular judge (the talented Natalie Bochenski) is only ‘sitting’ for one more night of this circuit.

I recommend arriving early, so you can pick up a drink at the bar, soak up the Hip Hops Brewers’ atmosphere, and perhaps even order some of their great pub food for delivery to your seat. The improvised comedy ‘trial’ takes place in the upstairs room, so arriving early means you can select a table at the front and deliberate those irritating little foibles that your friends or family really need to have brought out into the open. On Wednesday night, the cases included the heinous crime of using an older sister’s bedroom mirror (and leaving clothes on the floor), not matching up pairs of socks on the washing line, and even buying too many shoes (really? I cannot believe that is ever possible).

You may think these ‘crimes’ are minor but the capable comedic duo—Prosecution (Brittany White) and Defence (Kevin Lowe) Barristers—extrapolated the ‘evidence’ into anything from drug dealing to entrapment. And a memorable count of ‘sock laundering.’ Which makes for a fun night out. For more, turn to Catherine Lawrence’s full Creative Futures Photography review.

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