Anywhere Reviews

Every year Anywhere Festival invites people to write reviews of performances at the festival. We do this because we believe it is vital that people can read about shows, that performance makers can start a conversation with someone who has taken the time to write about the work and to celebrate the art of critiquing performances.

Along with a number of established writers, this year we are also running a workshop with Nadia Jade of Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane aimed at new writers to help develop their skills and provide guidance around reviews written for Anywhere Festival shows.

You will find those reviews as they are written below.


Anywhere Reviews.

2024 Brisbane Dates

By Paul | 5 September 2023

Stay tuned on our socials to hear announcements first.

Tipsy History – Review by Kristy Stanfield

By Paul | 5 June 2023

Tipsy History is the latest themed circus variety show from company Glitter Martini, who brought us Absolute Trash and 7 Mortal Sinners at previous Anywhere Festivals. They’re a company known…

The Human Centipede Parody Musical – Review by Darcie Rae

By Paul | 5 June 2023

As soon as I saw the name of this production in the Anywhere Festival program, I knew I could not go past it. The infamous (surprisingly award-winning) 2009 horror film…

The Reunion – Review by Backstreet Brisbane

By Paul | 5 June 2023

Minerva Theatre Co’s The Reunion, written by Sophie Heather, was a fun and nostalgic immersive theatre experience performed as part of Anywhere Festival. Mt St Celine’s class of 2013 were coming…

Scottish Ceilidh Dance – Review by Irene McLeod

By Paul | 5 June 2023

It was a privilege to attend the first Scottish Ceilidh Dance, held by the Ceilidh Clan, since 2019, a welcome addition to the Anywhere Festival 2023 line up of shows.…

Recipe for Relativity – Review by Jay Bowman

By Paul | 26 May 2023

The first thing I thought when I walked into the downstairs floor of Cinnamon + Co, a homely vegan café in West End, was how on earth six of us were…

ART – Review by Kaylee Vera

By Paul | 23 May 2023

The Tony, Olivier and Moliere Award winning play from the 1990’s, ART , is presented to an Australian audience for the first time during the 2023 Anywhere Festival. ART was…

Polis and Panathenaia – Review by Virag Dombay

By Paul | 23 May 2023

Written and directed by Georgia McKenzie, the work explored the narratives of five women of Greek Tragedies – Medea (Roxane Gardiner), Clytemnestra (Hannah Flannery), Phaedra (Grace Lofting), Medusa (Eli Free)…

The Reunion – Review by Rebecca Lynne

By Paul | 23 May 2023

The night began slowly, with audiences greeting each other at their assigned tables and chatting as if we were all old high school friends. Each table was joined by a…

2AM: The Extended Cut – Review by Jay Bowman

By Paul | 23 May 2023

The actors delivered an engaging performance and made masterful use of the space they were in. A prime example was during the formal scene – while Leola and Victoria (Sabrina…

2AM: The Extended Cut – Review by ATYP

By Paul | 23 May 2023

Rarely in theatre do you get the opportunity to engage with characters so intimately that you can read their journal, and 2AM: The Extended Cut is built around the opportunity to observe…

Into The Light – Review by Catherine Lawrence

By Paul | 23 May 2023

There were so many memorable moments in Into the Light—from the synchronised screen-watching dance moves and  ‘makeup’ piece (what do we really look like without those filters?!) through to the…

Banshee’s Luck – Review by Catherine Lawrence

By Paul | 23 May 2023

Andrew Gillanders (Producer, Playwright and Ælis) introduces Banshees Luck as ‘A Beggar’s Life for a Beggar’s Wish. Step into the fae-realm of Brianna Bodil Banshee. It’s a world between worlds…

Tipsy History – Review by Catherine Lawrence

By Paul | 23 May 2023

Tipsy History delivers the promised cocktail of circus and variety, mixed up with a smattering of booze past and present, and all poured into the award-winning Hiker brewhouse. This is…

Ruby Gilbert’s Got a Secret – Review by Catherine Lawrence

By Paul | 17 May 2023

The secret is out, with the preview of songs from Ruby Gilbert’s second EP played to a rapt audience at Brisbane’s Wawahine Lounge. It certainly sounds as if Ruby Gilbert…

‘Card Houses’ – Review by Jake Goodall

By Paul | 17 May 2023

‘Card Houses’ was immersive. ‘Card Houses’, presented by Harrison Mills at Anywhere Festival, is a fresh Gen-Z coming-of-age tale. Shining the spotlight on the transition between adolescence and adulthood, the…

‘Eco Worrier: A Climate Cabaret’- Review by Sophie Heather

By Paul | 17 May 2023

‘Eco Worrier: A Climate Cabaret’ was dynamic. Created by Hannah Gwatkin, in partnership with Anywhere Festival, ‘Eco Worrier: A Climate Cabaret’ educates audiences on the importance of being worried about the…

‘Beverly Kills Presents: Heaven and Hell’ – Review by Isabel Davies

By Paul | 17 May 2023

‘Beverly Kills Presents: Heaven and Hell’ was heavenly. Tucked away next to the bustling Suncorp Stadium, during the second night of the NRL Magic Rounds, stands the gorgeous (and pink)…

Queen and Friend: Choose Your Own Comedy Adventure – Review by Kristy Stanfield

By Paul | 17 May 2023

Presented by Grimes Productions as a part of the 2023 Anywhere Festival, Queen and Friend is a show made up entirely on the spot with two expert story weavers and…

A Drop Too Many – Review by Catherine Lawrence

By Paul | 17 May 2023

Created in response to the SEQ/Northern NSW floods and droughts, A Drop Too Many is a physical theatre work that highlights community strength in the presence of disaster—reminding audiences of the equal…

The Hänz On Experience – Review by Catherine Lawrence

By Paul | 17 May 2023

It really isn’t surprising that the alter ego of Hänz Gunter (Stefan Cooper-Fox) is a successful photographer, whose career also includes working as an MC, event entertainer and actor. Thanks…

Card Houses – Review by Gloriana Grace

By Paul | 17 May 2023

Presented by Harrison Mills and Anywhere Festival, Card Houses is an immersive, site-specific theatre production that physically invites you into the world of the story. In addition to the stress…

Beverly Kills Presents: Heaven & Hell – Review by Shea Dawson

By Paul | 8 May 2023

A group of sinners walk into an old church. Next-door, the raucous applause, screams and shouts of the NRL Magic Round boom through Suncorp Stadium; the echoes of Sweet Caroline…

Date Night – Review by Catherine Lawrence

By Paul | 8 May 2023

Chris Martin and Taylor Edwards are a double act in both senses of the phrase: a couple, and a great comedy partnership. So it’s not surprising that a ‘silly sketch…

Are You Lonesome Tonight? – Review by Catherine Lawrence

By Paul | 8 May 2023

It’s easy to see why. An intimate show (maximum audience size is 60), with high-quality performers who use the event as the opportunity to showcase some of their best-loved works—or,…

Review: Anywhere Festival Fish Lane Opening Night Takeover

By Paul | 8 May 2023

The 2023 Anywhere Festival opening, was a great start to this year’s festival, as the Fish Lane Arts Precinct ‘takeover’ gave the crowd a tantalising glimpse of some of the…

My Top Five Picks – Kiarra Auberson

By Paul | 18 April 2023

Hi, Kiarra here. I’m one of the interns for Anywhere Festival 2023. As a young female artist I love theatre that explores feminine and queer perspectives in more unique formats/storylines.…

Awards A Plenty for performers across South East Queensland 

By Paul | 28 June 2022

Awards A Plenty for performers across South East Queensland at 2022 Anywhere Awards

Review by Rebecca Lynne of “Servitude” Presented by Pigasus Productions

By Rebecca Lynne | 31 May 2022

Pigasus Productions brings West End an easy-going afternoon of funny and familiar customer service stories.

Review by Elise Lawrence of Master of Delusions: False Profits presented by Master of Delusions and Anywhere Festival

By elise lawrence | 30 May 2022

A humorous hour of misdirection, miracles, and magic.

Review by Rebecca Lynne of “Murder on the ‘Not-So’ Orient Express”, Presented by Mystify Events

By Rebecca Lynne | 26 May 2022

Presented by Mystify Events, an event planning and entertainment group, Murder on the ‘Not-So’ Orient Express is a murder mystery set in an alternate 1920’s Brisbane. With heavy references to…

female singer, arms outstretched

Review by Catherine Lawrence of Silver Sircus: Home/Truth, presented by Silver Sircus

By Catherine | 25 May 2022

Silver Sircus has a musical style that is as eclectic and individual as Shaw’s compelling dark cabaret performance.

Review by Theatre Haus of ‘The Girl on the Moon’ presented by Aoife Kissane and Matias Nunez

By theatrehaus | 24 May 2022

Steeped in the magical city that is Brisbane, ‘The Girl on the Moon’ is the coming-of-age story that Brisbanites need.

Review by Catherine Lawrence of 7 Mortal Sinners, presented by Glitter Martini

By Catherine | 24 May 2022

7 Mortal Sinners has to be one of the most unusual events I have ever attended in a church.

Review by Elise Lawrence of Putting On The Mask, presented by Haus of Beaver Productions

By elise lawrence | 23 May 2022

Claire Fitzpatrick presented a moving one-woman performance exploring the wide-ranging emotional impacts of loss. Seated at a small table facing the audience, Fitzpatrick performed the rituals of getting ready in…

Review by Catherine Lawrence of Murder on the ‘Not-So’ Orient Express, presented by Mystify

By Catherine | 23 May 2022

Mystify’s ‘Murder on the ‘Not-So Orient Express’ promised to be an entertaining 80 minutes of mayhem, mystery, intrigue and entertainment—and certainly had all the hallmarks of popular interactive murder mysteries. A 1930s journey on a train, a body, a cast of apparent strangers (but are they?), and a mystery or two to be solved. But this particular mystery had a few too many twists, turns and revelations for a show that ran for 80+ minutes.

Review by Elise Lawrence of Oberon 11 presented by Inscape Assembly

By elise lawrence | 23 May 2022

Put on your detective hat for intergalactic immersive theatre by InScape Assembly Oberon 11 is an intergalactic prison, verging on purgatory, which houses four prisoners: a 19th century French socialite,…

Review by Rebecca Lynne of “This Way For A Fireside Chat With Lucifer” presented by Lightning Bolt Creative

By Rebecca Lynne | 22 May 2022

Are you prepared to dance with a devil in the pale moonlight? How about spend 7 minutes in Hell with Lucifer? Be sure to make an appointment, as they’re in…

Dancer wearing corporate attire and straightening necktie

Review by Catherine Lawrence of Wind of Wall Street, presented by Corporate Dancers

By Catherine | 21 May 2022

Wind of Wall Street was perfectly located in the UQ GCI, as a fabulous stage for a dance work that questions traditional ways of working, and the toll the ‘Wall Street’ lifestyle takes on participants. Just as the UQ GCI building is designed to encourage a rethinking of office design, Wind of Wall Street asks whether the winds of change might ‘blow through’ the ways of office-work-lives.

Review by Theatre Haus of ‘Oberon 11’, presented by Inscape Assemble

By theatrehaus | 21 May 2022

‘Oberon 11’ was mystifying. Is Captain Albatross guilty of stealing all the birds? Or is Desiree Iris responsible for trafficking human organs?  Presented as part of Anywhere Festival at The…

Review by Theatre Haus of ‘Little Shop of Horros’, presented by Cope Creative & de Jager Productions

By theatrehaus | 21 May 2022

‘Little Shop of Horrors’ was bloodthirsty.

Review by Eleanor Surtees of Almost, Maine presented by Company ‘22 QCGU and Anywhere Festival

By eleanorsurtees | 20 May 2022

Almost, Maine is unlike anything I’ve watched before. The play focuses on the short stories of nine loosely connected couples in the fictional, almost-town of Almost. The awkwardness, hilarity, hope,…

man doing handstand in air, balancing on bars which sit on the shoulders of two other men.

Review by Catherine Lawrence of If You Build It…, presented by High Tide Circus

By Catherine | 16 May 2022

The world premiere of ‘If You Build It’ was an entertaining way to spend a damp Sunday evening. The show was a veritable toolbox of delights: from creative calisthenics and amazing acrobatics, through to lyrical lyra, unicycle-riding, fun hula, and impressive juggling. Plus a couple of entertaining audience participation interludes.

Review by Elise Lawrence of The Crash presented by Dugald Lowis

By elise lawrence | 16 May 2022

A poignant one act play by Dugald Lowis, following one family in the aftermath of a tragic car accident. Two teenage boys have been killed in a horrific car crash.…

Review by Rebecca Lynne of Bad Love, Presented by H.E.L.L.A Productions

By Rebecca Lynne | 16 May 2022

Emm Watkins’ tragically beautiful cabaret tells the story of how she fell in love with and eventually left an abusive partner, told with the deeply stirring music she created while…

Four female band members, recreating a 1970s record cover.

Review by Catherine Lawrence of The Rise of Suzi Quatro, presented by Georgie Neilsen

By Catherine | 15 May 2022

Four great musicians, celebrating the trail-blazing impact of Suzi Quatro. The 14 May world premiere of Georgie Neilsen’s showcase of Suzi Quatro’s 1970s hits was a memorable addition to the special list of Australian Modern events. It was also a house first—what Chris Osborne described as ‘Australian Modern’s first full-on rock-n-roll gig.’

Review by Catherine Lawrence of Hello Stranger, presented by The Drawer Productions

By Catherine | 14 May 2022

Hello Stranger is a thought-provoking show about memory, loss, and love; a funny, sad, educational, clever, and thought-provoking work of immersive theatre.

1920s-style chanteuse

Review by Catherine Lawrence of Speakeasy, presented by Candy Shop Show Australia

By Catherine | 14 May 2022

The Candy Shop Show Australia has a winning formula: ‘dancing girls’ who can sing, tap, high-kick and Charleston through a variety of numbers and fast facts.

Review by Rebecca Lynne of Oberon 11 presented by Inscape Assembly

By Rebecca Lynne | 14 May 2022

This interactive experience showcases the budding talent and creativity of the Brisbane performing arts sector.

Review by Chris G. of Parasocial Parallax

By christophergrace | 12 May 2022

Henry Jenkins would love Parasocial Parallax. For those of you unfamiliar with his work, Jenkins, a professor of media studies at the University of California, developed a theory of convergence…

Julie Barns reviews Trichotomy + Black Square String Quartet

By juliebarns | 9 May 2022

Housed in the gorgeous brick and stone heritage listed Holy Trinity Church in Fortitude Valley, I enter the performance space for Trichotomy + Black Square String Quartet via a pair…

Review by Rebecca Lynne of The Crash presented by Dugald Lowis

By Rebecca Lynne | 9 May 2022

Presented as a collection of reflective monologues that blend into short interactions, this heartbreaking tale explores the complexities of love, life, and loss. Staged as a verbatim piece, the story…

Review by Catherine Lawrence of The Last Laugh, presented by Fini

By Catherine | 9 May 2022

Last Laugh is a thought-provoking work of contrasts and questions

Argonautika Review by Kathryn Barnes

By kathrynbarnes | 9 May 2022

Argonautika is an adaptation by Mary Zimmerman of the Greek classic Jason and the Argonauts, where Jason, the mythological hero sets sail on his ship Argo with his crew in…

Review by Manna Marvel – Argonautika presented by BYTES

By Manna Marvel | 9 May 2022

It may just be that BYTES harnessed the ability to perform, as well as an epic theatrical event, the power of *meteorokinesis this evening. Perhaps it was an invocation of…

Review by Fiona Davy of In Melodiam

By Paul | 8 May 2022

Hidden away in the basement of a West End café (Cinnamon and Co.) you will meet Edith (Claire Alcock), if you can see her – she is a ghost. On…

Review by Fiona Davy of Colourless: A Collection of Poems

By fionagdavy | 8 May 2022

Arriving at Mappin’s Nursery and Aquarian I was really taken by the uniqueness of the venue, a blend of rock ‘n roll and pot plants, and an appropriately bold backdrop…

Male and female in a car

Review by Catherine Lawrence of ‘Girl on the Moon’, presented by Aoife Kissane and Matias Nuñez

By Catherine | 7 May 2022

It’s great to see new drama on stage—particularly when the ‘stage’ is one of the expansive nooks and crannies of the Yeronga Paint Factory (a former factory for the manufacture…

Olivia Watkins reviews IN MELODIAM

By Paul | 7 May 2022

Co in West End.

Julie Barns reviews Murder at the Bowlo by ImproMafia and Anywhere Festival

By juliebarns | 7 May 2022

It’s 1987. I know this because I am enthusiastically greeted at the door to the Rural Party Fundraiser by an effervescent admin assistant whose dress style has been heavily influenced…