Review by Catherine Lawrence of Murder on the ‘Not-So’ Orient Express, presented by Mystify

Mystify’s ‘Murder on the ‘Not-So Orient Express’ promised to be an entertaining 80 minutes of mayhem, mystery, intrigue and entertainment—and certainly had all the hallmarks of popular interactive murder mysteries. A 1930s journey on a train, a body, a cast of apparent strangers (but are they?), and a mystery or two to be solved. But this particular mystery had a few too many twists, turns and revelations for a show that ran for 80+ minutes.

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Review by Catherine Lawrence of Wind of Wall Street, presented by Corporate Dancers

Dancer wearing corporate attire and straightening necktie

Wind of Wall Street was perfectly located in the UQ GCI, as a fabulous stage for a dance work that questions traditional ways of working, and the toll the ‘Wall Street’ lifestyle takes on participants. Just as the UQ GCI building is designed to encourage a rethinking of office design, Wind of Wall Street asks whether the winds of change might ‘blow through’ the ways of office-work-lives.

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