The Human Centipede Parody Musical – Review by Darcie Rae

As soon as I saw the name of this production in the Anywhere Festival program, I knew I could not go past it. The infamous (surprisingly award-winning) 2009 horror film is not something I would have thought would be turned into a musical parody, which is enough of a curiosity to get me through the door. I figured it would either be a complete train-wreck, or a marvel that was absurd in all the right ways, and Synergy Production Co have definitely delivered the latter in their premiere of The Human Centipede Parody Musical.

Writers Liam Hartley and Oliver Catton have taken the storyline of the horror movie and turned it into a camp, self-aware, and ridiculous romp, a parody of the film and the cheesiness of musicals generally. The musical numbers are hilarious, clever, and performed with great skill. The content is gruesome, but the energy is high, and the choreography is peppy. We are even treated to a tap-dancing centipede nightmare, complete with a cane held by Dr. Heiter.

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