Review: Tipsy History

Great to see Glitter Martini’s Tipsy History make a welcome return to the Anywhere Festival menu—this time at the Moreton Bay Tannins Brew. Catherine Lawrence couldn’t resist the chance to see the new acts, and learn a little bit more about this important area of historical analysis (!).

Take one funky venue, sprinkle with Glitter Martini magic, and you have the start of an enjoyable midweek night out.

The 2024 Moreton Bay Anywhere Festival show followed the same format as the 2023 show but—as you’d expect from the talented Darcie Rae (Producer/Director)—the drinks menu show included a few new acts, and a new guest host (Tahlia Downs). Tahlia provided some historical anecdotes, introduced each act, and encouraged audience participation with relevant competitions (including blindfolded wine tasting, an unusual version of ‘beer pong,’ and ‘name that cocktail’).  

And if you want to read more about each of the talented performers in this latest Glitter Martini show (including Sophie Whitecross’s balletic and fierce work on the handstand canes, pictured), turn to Creative Futures Photography‘s review.

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