Transit Tales: A Little Improv Gem

Pigasus Productions took the Anywhere Festival spirit to heart, as Transit Tales brings transit-themed improvised comedy to recently-renovated Council City Cat (West End) and Rail (Caboolture) ‘stations.’  

Audience members arriving early not only enjoyed ‘transit-themed music,’ but were also encouraged to share their own transit-related stories. On 17th May 2021, this led to interesting pre-show conversations where City Cat employees (who clearly love their work so much that they come to transit-related events in their own time) related fascinating stories about flying fish, bull shark breeching, and City Cat proposals of marriage. All of which proved to be perfectly fantastic fodder for comedy improv.

Captain Cam Percy put the waiting audience at ease, chatting with each group and carefully teasing out some of the more interesting stories while making very careful notes… The show then began with a short ‘safety briefing,’ before Captain Cam introduced each tale to the whole audience, and invited the rest of the Pigasus team to build on the different stories. Sabina Nowak, Michael Jell, and Noelle Greenwood quickly switched from first dates through to marriage proposals, and introduced everything from superheroes to a breeching mammal.

Transit Tales (Picture credit: Creative Futures Photography)

Perhaps we should have voted, as there were clearly some favourite ‘real’ stories on the night, and great comic reinterpretations that were inspired by the different tales from the audience. Personal favourites? Probably the comic book heroes (got to love a Captain Amazing who wants to ‘help people in costume be their true selves’) and polar bear bus driver, although the breeching mammal was a ‘laugh-out-loud’ moment!

Of course, as this is improv, each show will be different. But if you get the chance to accept the ‘all aboard’ invitation, then go. There were several intrigued glances from other people walking by, and I’m sure they’d have enjoyed what they saw. Twenty people enjoyed twenty minutes of time in-between City Cat arrivals at the West End Ferry stop last night. If only waiting at every transit stop could pass so quickly.

Verdict: Performances. Anywhere. Delivered. A little improv gem.

Audience tip: Pigasus Productions provide a pre-show welcome email reminder with details as to options for travel to the event (and even a reminder to warp up warmly!). 20 minutes. 15+. Tickets $free (post-event donations welcomed).During the festival this show travelled to both West End Ferry Terminal and the Caboolture-Wamuran Rail Trail. Only two performances remain during the 2021 Anywhere Festival (19th May, West End).  

Catherine Lawrence

Transit Tales (Picture Credit: Creative Futures Photography)

The reviewer attended the Monday 17th May 2021 (6:25pm) performance.


  1. Sabina on 18 May 2021 at 11:03 pm

    We are so pleased to see you enjoyed the show!

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