Review by Sarah Brady of Little Shop of Horrors presented by COPE Creative and deJager Productions

Little Shop of Horrors by COPE CREATIVE and deJager Productions runs from 29 April – 15 May. BOOK HERE

A bizarre masterpiece about an experimental, carnivorous plant that brings fame and fortune to Seymour, a young botanical genius from skid row. Skid row characters greeted viewers the moment they stepped onto the school grounds, setting the scene and creating anticipation before the show even began. The last-minute venue change demonstrated the producers’ ability to deliver quality work and gave authenticity to the festival’s theme of creating performances “anywhere but where you expect.”

In the production’s opening musical number, the cast set an energetic and humorous tone that captured the essence of the entire show. Every scene thereafter was filled with vibrant costumes, energetic choreography, and fast-paced action on stage that kept you captivated and intrigued for the next scene.

Orin’s character, played by Rowan Howard, was one of the most memorable character of the evening with his sassy attitude and comedic energy. Likewise, Ally Hickey (Audrey) and Sam Henderson (Seymour) wowed the audience with their soaring vocals and heartfelt characterisation. Audrey 2’s puppet designs featured clever, inventive techniques that added depth and intrigue to each stage of its existence.

Additionally to the incredible performances, the technical team played a key role in the show’s success by creating a platform that intertwined the artistic talents of everyone involved. 

A creative and fresh revamp of an old classic that never fails to entertain and may leave you questioning the intention of your house plants.


  1. Jennifer T. on 3 May 2022 at 9:25 am

    Energetic and captivating from start to finish — such a great job, particularly the soaring vocals of Ally and Sam as Audrey and Seymour, not to mention the exciting puppet artistry that thrilled throughout the show. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew. It’s a winner!

  2. Myrene Hickey on 4 May 2022 at 2:45 pm

    Congratulations to cast and crew for performing and presenting this show.

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