I’m Not Entirely Here – Review by Kaylee Vera

As is often the case with Anywhere Festival, my journey started in an alleyway. I was there to see Vena Cava ProductionsI’m not entirely here. Not sure what to expect, the audience was introduced to a character known as ‘The Guide’. We were advised by the guide that we were about to meet Ava, a young person in the midst of a move and a breakup. Following the guide inside, we found Ava’s apartment and were encouraged to look around as she packed.

This was an immersive theatre experience, meaning the audience was expected to interact freely with the actors and explore their surroundings. Having the guide set an example, the audience quickly started asking Ava questions and joining in on her packing. After getting to know Ava, the guide invited us into a second room that represented Ava’s inner thoughts.

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