Get Her Outta Here | Broccolini Productions

A review by Beth Keehn for Stage Whispers.

Get Her Outta Here is a 40-minute one-woman show by Brisbane-born independent artist, Isabella Tannock, who fearlessly performs as her alter-ego, Isabella Broccolini – a ‘Red Lady’ clown-like character with exaggerated black eyebrows and red eyeshadow – a kind of cross between Isabella Rossellini and Mary Hardy. The piece starts with the Red Lady lying prone in a large red suitcase, her arms and legs visible – she lies there for a very long time, which gives people at the bar time to take their seats and sip their drinks. You find yourself, as you stare at the image, conjuring possibilities for the show that is about to start: is the woman a victim of violence; a forgotten person; somebody’s baggage? All the usual storyline suspects flit through your brain as an evocative electronic soundtrack by Grace Huie Robbins emits a repetitive countdown a la Laurie Anderson.

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