Anywhere Festival makes all of Brisbane the stage.

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Anywhere Festival Founder and Artistic Director, Paul Osuch.

Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage” and Anywhere Festival returns to show that is definitely the case as it takes over Brisbane nooks and crannies anywhere but a theatre this 4 – 21 May 2023.

This year there’s music in a cemetery, dance in an airport lounge, an opening night takeover of Fish Lane in South Brisbane, the Herston medical quarter and a closing weekend of shows in the industrial spaces of the Paint Factory in Yeronga.

In all, there are over 300 performances of 53 different shows across Brisbane from Ashgrove to Carina, Archerfield to West End and it’s the one festival with theatre, comedy, music, dance, immersive all in one wonderfull quirky festival.

“This is all about discovering and rediscovering parts of Brisbane with shows,” said Paul Osuch, Artistic Director of Anywhere Festival. “I’ve always thought seeing a show is so much more fun when you discover it in a place you didn’t expect and that’s what Anywhere is all about.”

It is the locations and the amazing number of world premiere shows that audiences keep coming back to after twelve years of Anywhere taking over the weird and wonderful places of Brisbane.

“It was so much fun watching a show in someone’s house! I felt more like an invited guest than a ticket holder.” said one audience member to a house concert in Carina, which sums up so much about the joy of Anywhere for lovers of performance and people who just want a fun night and something to talk about.

“Anywhere is the only festival where the joy of watching live performance is matched by the absolute randomness of any of the spaces,” Paul Osuch said. 

Special events at 2023 Anywhere Festival

Embrace the unexpected when Anywhere Festival takes over the Fish Lane Arts Precinct Thursday 4 May from 6pm.

Fish Lane Arts Precinct is a vibrant and bustling part of South Brisbane with street art, lighting, restaurants and bars. In this takeover at one of Brisbane’s best Precincts, Anywhere Festival brings live music, dance and theatre to the laneway.

At this one night only activation, wander and explore performances under railway lines, street corners, garden pockets and be immersed in the festival atmosphere to kick off 2023 Anywhere Festival.

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From Friday 19 to Sunday 21 May, The Paint Factory is the place to be with immersive works, theatre, comedy and music from classical to riotous!

The Paint Factory is the old Taubman’s Paint Factory site at 115 Hyde Road, Yeronga. Explore warehouses, grab some grub from food trucks and a bevvy or two from the pop bar run by Anywhere Festival and resident escape room company Project Immersive. 

There’s a packed program over three days with Incendia, roll a 20 sided dice to decide your fate in Banshee’s Luck, D.I.V.E Theatre Collective’s incredible Into The Light, the so-inappropriate-you-can’t-miss-it premiere of The Human Centipede Musical, Gold Coast band The Riot, 34 playwrights from around Australia give us 34 Scenes About The Weather and Contra Guitar Duo juxtaposes European classical music with exciting contemporary Australian repertoire.

Fringe Brisbane becomes a hub for Anywhere Festival!

Fringe Brisbane may be taking a break in 2023 to return in 2024 with a full festival, but the bright yellow painted building in Manning Street, South Brisbane with everyone’s favourite Ibis mural will be making it presence felt with a hub of performances during Anywhere Festival.

“The old Stefan Salon has so many nooks and crannies, from the chandelier room to the red room that is the Paladar South Brisbane cuban cigar cafe v2. It’s another way anywhere Festival and Fringe Brisbane are supporting local artists to create and present new works,” said Paul

In a few words

50 Words:

Experience performances in nooks and crannies at Brisbane’s Anywhere Festival from the 4th until the 21st May! From parks and bars to people’s homes, this event creates an immersive and inclusive experience for all. Discover experimental and avant-garde works from cabaret to comedy, or music to immersive theatre, all while celebrating local artists and locations!

100 Words:

Get ready to be transported to a world of creativity and immersion at Brisbane’s 12th annual Anywhere Festival, from the 4th until the 21st May! With performances held in non-traditional spaces like parks, bars, and even people’s homes, you’ll become part of the magic. Experience a diverse range of shows, from cabaret to comedy, or dance to immersive theatre, all while supporting local artists and locations. So come and be part of something truly special, as we celebrate the power of the arts to transform even the most ordinary of places into extraordinary experiences!

200 Words:

Discover a festival experience like no other at Brisbane’s 12th annual Anywhere Festival, where creativity, immersion, and community come together in unexpected and unforgettable ways.

From the 4th until the 21st of May, explore a diverse range of performances, from theatre and dance to comedy and cabaret, all while being surrounded by the intimacy of non-traditional spaces like parks, bars, car parks, and even people’s homes. Creating an inclusive experience, Anywhere Festival promotes inclusivity by removing the barriers of traditional performance spaces and ticket prices. From a stunning dance performance in an airport lounge, or a hilarious comedy show in an old hair salon; it’s all possible at Anywhere Festival! 

So come and explore, discover, and be inspired by the power of the arts to transform the world around us. Whether you’re an avid theatre-goer or a casual arts enthusiast, Anywhere Festival has something for everyone. For an experience like no other that you won’t want to miss, come and be part of a festival that celebrates the transformative power of the arts, creating extraordinary experiences in ordinary places. 
“This is hands down our fave performing arts festival of the year” –

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Anywhere Festival brings the extraordinary to ordinary places, making performance more accessible. 

“Audiences and performance makers are crying out for performances where we live, work and breathe,” said Paul.

“The talent we have in this state can’t be contained within traditional theatres, and that’s one of the reasons the Anywhere Festival has spread beyond Brisbane and this year is also in Moreton Bay”.

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