WIND OF WALL STREET Media Release Produced and directed by Kate Utting

Wind of Wall Street is an immersive physical theatre piece that uses dance as a medium to challenge the audience’s perspective of capitalism and the corporate working life. A group of ten dancers dressed in the blue tie uniform of stockbrokers move through the Atrium space of the Global Change Institute within the University of Queenland. The audience is removed from the typical theatre setting and contemporary dance is used in innovative ways to accentuate the new environment. The work is set to be performed on the 20th and 21st of May 2022.

After three years of extremely limited performance opportunities this work gives ten recent graduates and students a rare opportunity to create and perform live theatre. All of the dancers and technical team are highly skilled Brisbane based artists that are beginning a career in the dance and performance industry. A number of our team have been effected by the recent floods in Queensland and Northern NSW but pulled together and came through with a fabulous piece of contemporary dance. An audience should expect to be entertained by an immersive theatre experience and witness some brilliant contemporary dance. Tickets can be bought on the Anywhere Festival website through the link provided.


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The bell rings. A day begins. The pace is set and the traders gamble, grab and grope over greenback after greenback after greenback. A vision of capitalistic utopia dominates their minds as greed manipulates their actions. Money is made. Money is spent. But what is the toll?

A wind blows and the world rebuilds.

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