Welcome to Anywhere

Welcome to Anywhere Festival, where we make it possible to experience storytelling and performances anywhere but a theatre.

We bring communities together to share stories in local nooks and crannies – backyards, lighthouses, pools, workshops – to create a thrilling and exciting experience that connects us all.

We do this because we believe story telling and performance should be part of the community and not restricted to custom made performance venues.

For nearly ten years, Anywhere has presented a festival in May across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Noosa. Nearly ten years. 2020 was to be the tenth year, but COVID-19 arrived and we all had other things to worry about.

In the meantime, we are going to keep the welcome from the 2019 festival, presented with the support of Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, Brisbane CIty Council, Sunshine Coast Council and Noosa Council.

Read the 2019 Welcomes