Tristan Niemi, local Queer Disabled artist, practices radical honesty in new work ‘ASK’.

For one-hour audiences will be able to ask emerging artist Tristan Niemi (they/she) any question they want – that’s right any question – with the knowledge it will be answered with complete honesty. 

There are some conditions, however.

Each audience member must sit in front of the artist and refer to them by name while they ask their question and confront the fact, they are demanding a person not an artist discuss their pain, their pleasure with complete strangers and without hesitating. 

ASK operates as an institutional critique of the theatre and its demand that Queer, Disabled, and Queer Disabled artists use their work only as vessels for their trauma and gleefully present those vessels to the public for consumption. This performance art experience gives an audience the opportunity to satiate their curiosity about Queer, Disabled and Queer Disabled suffering in a much more direct fashion, but at what cost? 

Niemi is teaming up with the Anywhere Festival, The EC Venue, and emerging sound designer Sam Hanelt to bring this provocative work to life. 

Tickets can be booked via the following link, A limited number of comp tickets can also be arranged via direct contact with the artist if needed. 

For further information and to arrange an interview and/or photography, contact:

Tristan Niemi

Phone: 0411 339 316

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @tristan_niemi

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