Top 5 For Anywhere 2023

My name is Jodie and I am a musician and sound designer. I’ve always loved finding new experiences and getting involved in creative industries, including fields completely unrelated to mine. There are many familiar names and faces in this years festival for me, and it is so empowering to see the transition from ‘student’ to ‘practitioner’ really happen. Anywhere has an amazing line up and I am very excited to see it some to life. Here are my top 5 picks for this years festival:

Tipsy History

I actually don’t think I need to say why I am excited for this one. Acrobatics and alcohol… absolutely! Such a unique idea to explore different drinks throughout history whilst also making it insanely entertaining with a circus cabaret performance. As soon as I saw this on the program I knew I wanted to grab a few friends and get stuck in.


Not only is it in such a unique location at the Archerfield Airport Terminal, it also has a few familiar faces from when I was in Fine Arts at QUT. There is a community feel to the performance. It has audience participation but only within the bounds of what you are comfortable with, so anyone can go and have their own experience without feeling pressured. I think Connect Dance Ensemble are really going to make a name for themselves in Meanjin and I am so excited to see that take off with Anywhere 2023!

Pictures, Pianos and Portrayals

As a musician and someone who plays piano, I think this is going to be such a magical experience. Betty Nicholson and Lyn Panetta based their work off on an arrangement of Mussorgsky ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’. ‘What would this sound like as a piece of music?’ is such a fascinating question to ask when it comes to visual art and I am very intrigued to engage with their performance.

Blacklight Sessions

As a songwriter and singer, I know that this is going to be an intimate, emotional and grounding experience. Stripping songs to their bare bones makes them raw and real and that experience is so enlightening and eye opening. These artists, the songs they are uncovering and Australian Modern are new for me, and I am so excited to learn more.

The Mirror Sphere

The first thing that jumped out at me for this performance was ‘orchestral, electronic synth’ – already hooked. James Halstead was a peer of mine at University so I already know this is going to be insane. I have been to E – Block at QUT many times (usually stressed and behind on assessment) and getting to go back and engage in this avant-garde dance piece and watch the sphere come to life will be a very full circle experience for me.

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