“This Way for a Fireside Chat with Lucifer” returns to The Paint Factory this weekend

Lightning Bolt Collective is bringing back their hit immersive production ‘This Way for a Fireside Chat With Lucifer” to The Paint Factory on the 19th and 21st of May!

“A Fireside Chat with Lucifer blurs the lines between spectator and spectacle, inviting the audience into the world of the Prince of darkness. The performance requires the audience’s active participation, and Lucifer expects the conversation not to be one-sided. With half a dozen members of the Lightning Bolt Creative, the show leaked onto the streets of South Brisbane. Not only was the show immersive, but it also prompted me to consider the state of Australian politics. The devil encouraged me to pursue my interests even if they led to the apocalypse. The juxtaposition of climate action and selfish desires was used to start a discussion about the election, and this aspect of the show is what remained with me. If you need to confess your sins, doing it with Lucifer is an engaging and entertaining way to do it; better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” – Kaylee Vera (Nothing Ever Happens In Brisbane)

Willem Whitfield advocates for Lucifer in the 2022 Federal Election (photography: Geoff Lawrence)

“Are you prepared to dance with a devil in the pale moonlight? How about spend 7 minutes in Hell with Lucifer? Be sure to make an appointment, as they’re in HOT demand!” – Rebecca Lynne (Anywhere Reviews)

Witness the a unique immersive performance, winner of the 2022 Anywhere Pick Award and the Devil himself this weekend between 7-9pm. Tickets available at the door.

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