Review: Tipsy History

Step into Tannis Brew and, with the smell of a smoky BBQ grill and crispy pints, be transported back to the bronze age when Glitter Martini takes the stage with Tipsy History

Tipsy History is composed of an impressive ensemble of cabaret and circus acts, throughout which you are encouraged to applaud “when you see something you wish you could do or someone you wish you could do”. The rowdier the crowd the better! 

Each act celebrates the invention of a particular alcohol making the host’s fun facts all the more memorable. If you are familiar with Gracie Lou Freebush’s glass act in Miss Congeniality, then Tipsy History’s champagne piece is sure to delight. 

Tipsy History showcases acts from Miss Amy May, A Line in the Air, Sophie Whitecross, Bendy Elle, Hula Mim, and Tahlia Downs as the hostess with the most-ess. Together this cast presents a strikingly balanced concoction of comedy, narrative, and skill.    

Glitter Martini know their crowd, with audience engagement at an all-time high; come along to witness the ancient Greeks’ kottabos meet the hardest round of beer pong you’ll ever play, blindfolded wine tasting, and good ol’ fashion pub trivia…not to mention closing the night with some cocktail contortion!  

Tipsy History is certainly one to drag your mates along to. Arrive a little early to take full advantage of Tannis Brew’s gorgeous menu and selection of craft beers. With table seating and a relaxed atmosphere, you are welcomed to stay before and after the show. 

Tipsy History is showing again for one more performance Thursday 16 May! Forget about cooking dinner, grab your tickets and head to Tannis Brew! Doors open at 5.30pm. 

Review by Georgia Haupt

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