Review by Fiona Davy of In Melodiam

Hidden away in the basement of a West End café (Cinnamon and Co.) you will meet Edith (Claire Alcock), if you can see her – she is a ghost. On a table in the corner of the café is an old suitcase.

Here + There Productions, the creative team behind 2021’s The Shelter escape room adventure, have created an interactive suitcase escape-room, or an escape room in a suitcase (created by Regan Henry). Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to help the spirit of Edith regain her memories of lost love.

Each performance is limited to six people who work as a team to unlock the puzzles, break cyphers, and open up the suitcase’s secrets to discover what our ghostly host is hiding. Importantly, there is a variety of puzzle styles allowing everyone the opportunity to contribute. When things go astray Edith is there to bring the team back on track.

Technically, there were a couple of teething problems with the suitcase components and the performance elements will benefit from the refinement working with a live audience brings, but overall, I loved this experience and the other members of the team (the audience? Collaborators?) played their part and enjoyed the experience too.

Running until May 22, just a few tickets remain for this production. 

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