Pete Goodlet reviews Speakeasy by the Candy Shop Show

Bejewelled, bedazzled and beguiling the Anywhere Festival bought the 1920’s Speakeasy to life in a toe tapping, boa twirling, cocktail swigging, extravaganza. The very glamourous Nudge Nudge Wink Wink was the perfect setting for the fabulous ladies from the Candy Shop Show to take us back to a time of prohibition, law breaking, bootlegging, and sparkling entertainment!

The glamour of the setting and audience was outshone as sequins ruled the venue matched only by the cheeky glint in the eyes of the very talented performers. They beguiled us with stories of the twenties, and we all left with a few new slang terms from the era to throw into conversation. Hopefully no one got pinched on the way out! Though, I was nearly nabbed for a truly atrocious attempt at the Charleston!

The hotsy totsy cast of the show created Speakeasy during lockdown. As both bars and liquor production in the 1920’s were on the downlow and caused many people to be locked up it was more than appropriate for bursting out of lockdown entertainment. The audience indulged in wicked cocktails as the ladies led us through a hint of their characters life in the roaring twenties. We had dressing room tipples and gossip sessions, sparkling song and dance numbers and a very dramatic raid. Life may not have been easy, but it certainly seemed like fun.

Thanks to Anywhere Festival, Nudge Nudge Wink Wink and the cast of The Candy Shop Show for bringing us an indulgent and fun afternoon in a delightfully, delicious Speakeasy. Check out the Brisbane dates for your own Speakeasy experience.

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