Parasocial Parallax returns 2 – 11 November

The Anywhere Festival show by Anywhere Award winner Andrew Gillanders that intrigued and fascinated audiences with its multiple possible endings is back for two weeks at PIP Theatre from 2 – 11 November.

First developed and premiered at 2022 Anywhere Festival, this interactive play was written by Andrew Gillanders, Stanley Benjamin, Jamie Stevens, Rory Hawkins and the return season features Eliza Allen as Mackenzie, Jade Clarke as Jordan, Wayne Basset as William and Tahlia Downs as The Narrator.

Sometime in the early 2030’s. Nueralink is approved to skip clinical trials, instead a public test with streaming super-star Mackenzie is all over the headlines. Big Personalities. Big Data. Big Pharma.

What could go wrong?

This interactive play is a raucous satire of our dangerous future. Put on your seatbelts and keep your hands inside your nosebleed seat – the future is crashing into today and you are part of it if you want to be or not. With 6 endings to be unlocked and 6 secrets to be found, you’re cordially invited to join The Family and watch as they flounder, fail, and fight for their relevance.

Book now for the season running 2-4 November and 9 – 11 November at PIP Theatre in Milton.

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The production of Parasocial Parallax has been provided with free rehearsal space at the Anywhere Fringe Brisbane Festival building in the lead up to this season as part of the Anywhere Award for 2023.

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