OLÉ! OLÉ! OLÉ! – Review of Guitarra y Cuarteto presented by Red Chair

Review by Georgia Haupt.

The Arana Hills District Community Centre is quickly transformed into the orlop of The Black Pearl when Andrew Veivers and the Black Square Quartet begin to play their opening score. 

Inspired by 18th century pirates and utterly rich with imagery, Guitarra y Cuarteto has you invested in these cinematic pieces from the very beginning. 

Audience members of Guitarra y Cuarteto‘s opening got to witness the world premiere of a new concert program – a program that combines some of Veivers’s own compositions with other known Spanish pieces “from the 70s…the 1670s”. Produced by Red Chair, Guitarra y Cuarteto presents Veivers on the guitar, Camille Barry and Mike Patterson on the violins, Charlotte Burbrook de Vere on the viola, and Dan Curro on the cello. 

These five artists perform with passion, grace, and good humour – together, they captivate their audience and instil a vividness through music that you don’t often find at your local community centre. This program is fit to score a film whilst being so generous in its story-telling qualities as to allow the audience to construct their own. 

Based on the opening night, I’d deem in reasonable, and perhaps even preferred, for you to wear your flamenco skirts and best stomping shoes! 

The venue compliments the aesthetics of the program, with table seating, ambient lighting, and the option to BYO food and drinks. The atmosphere is relaxed and encourages audience members to connect with one another just as much as the music. 

If the music and atmosphere isn’t enough, I’d encourage you to see the show to find out why one of Veivers’s scores is called Pollito

Guitarra y Cuarteto is on next on the 18th of May at the Bribie Island Recreational Hall. 

This show is an absolute compliment to the invention of strings and shouldn’t be missed! 

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