Hi, I’m Haley! I’m a Brisbane-based artist and musician, currently an intern for Anywhere Festival and one of the three co-founders of Inscape Assembly.

I have been tasked to share with you my top five picks for Anywhere 2023. This is a hard decision for there are so many incredible shows in this year’s line-up but if I had to choose these are the five I insist you do not miss out on!


I’m Not Entirely Here is much more than an experience it is a journey into the deepest parts of Ava Robinson’s mind, parts that she would rather keep locked away. Vena Cava Productions is always focused on providing new and exciting opportunities to emerging artists while also producing incredible works. If you’re looking for a show that is more than just a show with an interactive set and plenty of secrets to uncover I would indeed encourage you to buy a ticket and delve into the mind of Ava.


I am in my final year of my Drama degree at QUT, and part of that degree is creating a brand-new show from scratch. Incendia was one of the many marvellous shows that emerged from last year’s performances and I am so excited to see that it has continued to develop and grow. If you love post-apocalyptic stories and contemplating what the end of the world could look like Incendia will be the perfect show for you with its charming new take on the topic.


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There was no way I could complete this list without mentioning one of my favourite musicians/tutors. The wacky, talented, and hilarious uke and double bass duo Tyrone and Lesley will be celebrating the release of their ‘rarities’ collection The Unheard Of Tyrone and Lesley Volume 1. If you enjoy listening to music (and who doesn’t) then I would recommend you attend this delightful experience.


Underground Productions is another company dedicated to providing opportunities to emerging artists which is something I will always admire and support. If you’ve ever had a job in fast food or wondered what it’s like to work behind the counter, then this comedy play is for you! Take a look into the lives of everyday workers and perhaps learn a thing a two about why they’re here and what they’d rather be doing. 


Now I myself am a huge musical theatre fan and I for one can not wait to see what this show entails. Based off the 2009 film the plot follows a mad scientist who kidnaps and mutilates a trio of tourists in order to reassemble them into a human centipede (its just as horrifying as it sounds). So add a little music , dance and comedy and we’ve got ourselves a hilarious parody musical that I’m sure is going to be a very fun and wild ride.

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