If You Build It… Five Circus Performers and a Tool Library

What do you get when you mix five circus performers and a tool library? An experience
that will make you look at using tools in a whole different way.

High Tide Circus has teamed up with Anywhere Festival to present a circus cabaret in
partnership with the Brisbane Tool Library.

Why the Tool Library? Because it’s a forward-thinking project that promotes a circular
economy. They allow members to borrow tools and other recreational items like you
would borrow books at the library.

Explore with High Tide Circus to see what’s inside Brisbane’s only library of things. We
can create less waste through the art of sharing.

Be transported into a world where tools bring ideas to life. See how jugglers, aerialists
and acrobats utilise the Tool Library collection in new and interesting ways.

Tickets are available now through Anywhere Festival’s
website: https://anywhere.is/event/ifyoubuildit/2022-05-14/

High Tide Circus is a collective of local Gold Coast circus performers, presenting original
cabarets for adults. Each show is a mix of humour, acrobatic prowess, and feats of
amazing strength and skill.

Please note: If You Build It was originally destined for the Tool Library in Southbank.
Due to flood damage, we are rebuilding the show outside Vulcana women’s circus in

When: One show only: May 15th 5pm-6:30pm
Where: 420 Lytton Rd, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, Queensland
Cost: $35 per person

For further information and to arrange a media interview or photography, contact:
Laurinda Janlewicz Phone: 0424 796 597Email: [email protected]

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