112 performances of 39 productions and 3 festivals in how many venues???

How many theatre spaces do you need to present 112 performances of 39 productions as part of three festivals in just one year? What if I said 1…? and it wasn’t a theatre.

It was a year ago that the amazing people at Aria Property Group offered Anywhere Festival the temporary space at the old Stefan Hair Fashions Pty. Ltd Training Building in Manning Street South Brisbane to activate and support local artists. Since then the space has:

– Been a creative development and work hub for three festival teams including Anywhere Festival and the reimagined Fringe Brisbane that had a combined 732 performances across Brisbane.

– Had 5,040 audience members attend 112 performances of 39 productions, 27 being world premiere new works developed in Brisbane – music and cabaret, immersive takeovers to comedy, theatre, dance and storytelling. All in the non traditional spaces of a building not designed to be a performance space.

– Hosted 29 emerging local independent artists and artist groups as residencies of a week or more.

– Provided 854 hours of free rehearsal time for emerging independent artists which was part of the $240k of services we provided from technical gear, video and photographic shoots to just being a quiet place to sit on a couch and access free internet and make a coffee.

As well as this it has been a valuable space for hire for everyone from Jenny Wynter to Dreaming Child Productions, a performance space for Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble‘s Macbeth, the 48 Hour Film Project, local bands, Stage Fright Productions inaugural two week season and now for the rehearsals of UNCONDITIONAL, an upcoming Playlab Theatre  / Brisbane Festival show.

If you’ve got a space you’d like to activate, no matter how temporary, weird or unlike a theatre, get in touch so we can show what can be done.

Arts Queensland – Brisbane City Council

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