An immersive tragicomedy about living with dementia.

  Hello Stranger tells a heartfelt story within the whimsy and chaos of loss. Immersing the audience in the volatile side of grief, the transformative power of love, and the value in celebrating every day. An old Queenslander in West End houses the memories of three generations of kooky couples: Kip and Dot – 80-year-old’s who act like they’re 20, Big and Small – 20-year-old’s who act like they’re 80, and Nurse and Zombie – a couple o’ besties making it work from opposite ends of the loser spectrum.

Hello Stranger is a thrilling new immersive show that features bank robberies, dance parties, game shows, and weddings. Performed by an ensemble of young emerging actors under the keen direction of Ada Lukin; the playwright behind this unique way into a life-changing disease. The Drawer Productions is partnering with Alzheimer’s Queensland to explore a tragic reality that affects so many in the community, informing audiences and highlighting the beauty in the light and shadow of dementia. 

You can get your tickets to Hello Stranger now through the Anywhere Theatre Festival website or head straight to this link: www.anywhere.is/hellostranger 

”I haven’t cried like that since I saw Adele in 2017” said Sally Hunter (2021, Freshblood Festival)

For further information and to arrange a media interview of photography, contact:

Indiah Morris

Phone: 0478085035

Email: thedrawerprod@gmail.com

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