Present at 2024 Anywhere Brisbane

Anywhere Brisbane brings the reimagined Fringe Brisbane Festival together with the Anywhere Festival of performance anywhere but a theatre. Now, you really can present your work Anywhere and do it exactly how you want to. Register directly through the international fringe festival system and select Anywhere Brisbane to get started or read on for more.

A Drop Too Many by Maxi Mossman. Photo by Geoff Lawrence
A Drop Too Many by Maxi Mossman. Photo by Geoff Lawrence
Whatline by Mystify Events. Photo provided by artist

Anywhere for artists

Anywhere Brisbane is happening in the new date of 19 July to 4 August 2024.

Independent performers and producers of comedy, cabaret, dance, theatre, live art, circus, spoken word, + film and exhibitions anywhere - theatres, black boxes, as well as nooks and crannies.

Anywhere is for anyone with a story to tell - emerging or established, experimental and mainstream, creative developments to touring shows, differently abled, LGBTIQA+, First Nations.

Present in non traditional nooks and cranny space ala Anywhere Festival or in fringe hubs ala Fringe Brisbane Festival, individual venues or you can provide your own venue.

It's your festival to do what you want without compromise.

Reasons to present at Anywhere

We 've removed the hidden costs of most independent festivals so you can produce and present the way you want to. No standard up front fee, no inside box office charges.

Extend your marketing reach in 50,000+ print programs, 400,000+ unique web site views and 2.3m socials reach and a place where audiences are looking for events.

Anywhere has been running annual festivals in Brisbane  since 2011

It will be Brisbane's feature event for July/August supported by Brisbane City Council and Arts Queensland.

Find venues registered with us including performing venues with negotiated fringe rates, nooks and crannies offered as is or source your own venue.

Access experts to find the best way to realise your ambition and find your audience.

The Arts

20 December 2023

Register to start the conversation

If you are ready to start talking or already planning your 2024 and want to start locking things in, head to, select Anywhere Fringe and "Start The Conversation"

20 December 2023

12 February

Show registrations open

The major open call out when shows are looking for performances spaces. All approved shows can search for approved venues and approved venues can search for shows.

12 February

17 March

Early Bird Programming deadline NEW

Lock in all details with shows (dates, times, ticket prices, show descriptions) for print program and online box office and get a 17% discount on anything you purchase.

17 March

12 April

Festival Program deadline NEW!

Deadline to lock in all details with shows (dates, times, ticket prices, show descriptions) for print program and online box office.

12 April

18 April

Early Release Tickets

Each week six feature events ready for early release ticket sales will go on sale

18 April

30 May

Full program launched

The 2024 Anywhere Brisbane program will be launched after 6 weeks of announcements featuring 6 shows/venues a week.

30 May

19 July

Opening night

Opening night of 2024 Anywhere Brisbane

19 July

4 August

Closing night

Closing night of 2024 Anywhere Brisbane

4 August
Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 1.27.57 pm
Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 1.28.29 pm
A Drop Too Many. Photograph by Geoff Lawrence

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events?

Any type of performance along with visual art exhibition and film.

Do we have to be available for the entire festival?

No. You can do one day, a weekend or the length of the festival. Your run can be contained within or overlap if it is a longer run.

Can we find our own venue separate to the Anywhere venues?

Absolutely. We'll just to get their details for the program and if the venue is also looking for other events, it can be made public on the Eventotron system.

Wasn't Anywhere Festival about rent free venues? Do we have to pay now?

Anywhere is what you want. We have been negotiating with traditional performance spaces to minimise your costs in traditional spaces. You can also use nooks and crannies that can be used rent free, but remember that it is about using the space "as is" - it isn't a theatre.

Can we use our details from 2022 Fringe Brisbane?

If you were part of 2022 Fringe Brisbane, you will still have a log ing to that you can use as your starting point. Just log into eventotron using the same email (reset password if it was all too. long ago) and just do a bit of tweaking. Easy.

Can we sell tickets separate to the Anywhere system?

Our system is the only one we are aware of with no inside fees. That's one reason. Every fringe festival takes 10-30% of your box office and many venues also charge. All we charge is an external booking fee of $4 to the ticket purchaser for a purchase regardless of how many tickets are purchased.

In past festivals, we saw a 65% reduction in ticket sales from audiences buying across shows when customers needed to go to another web site to book tickets for one show. 

By managing the box office, we can also ensure you are paid fast, normally within 7 days of your last event and filling out a wrap up survey.

Our system gets populated with a button from the show registration system so once you have confirmed, we have everything we need.

If your chosen venue has an exclusive arrangement with another ticket provider and you must use them, please make sure you factor their costs into your budget and that we have not ability to ensure payment.

What about show clashes in a big fringe festival?

There no doubt will be clashes, but we will be working with you and venues to create a program where every event has space.

What costs and how do I pay?

Overwhelming feedback was that you hate up front registration fees and box office percentages you have to pay regardless of the size of your show and the resources you need.

That's why we've removed that and you can choose what things you need. Don’t want space in the print program and would rather get social mentions? Need the producing toolkit but not interested or able to attend workshops and want an ad running on the search page of the web site? Sure. scroll down for more details.

What about international acts?

At this point we can not support visa applications. You can include Anywhere as part of an application being supported by other fringe festivals in Australia.


Order the things you want so you can do fringe your way

Head to this link to buy all the items below. Please note that any venue costs are separate to the festival and not part of the early bird prices.

Early Bird Prices

Not one, but two! Really early bird prices for festival confirmation and anything else ends on 17 March with the coupon code FRINGEEARLYBIRD17.

Then there is a not so early bird price for on demand items - read more below - until 14 June and then full price from there.


No inside fee to you. That’s right - no inside fee. Just think what you can do with that extra 10-30% of box office that normally goes to the fringe office.

All we charge is $4 to ticket buyers per purchase, regardless of how many or few tickets they buy in one purchase, because that’s all we need to cover bank and processing fees and contribute to the box office system running.

Once you are all set up and locked in, if you want us to make changes that require time, there will be a charge.

Deadline to confirm all show details for online box office is 17 March 2024 for the early bird rate or the new later date of 12 April.

Marketing Options

Print Program (Buy)

The print program will be a slightly undersized A4 portrait guide with spots for you to choose how small or large you want to be... or just be in the grid of all days and shows and that's it.

The guide will have a run of 30,000-50,000 and be distributed from the beginning of June with all venue and festival partners including Brisbane City Council.

You can choose print program placement size of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or full page or just a deposit which means no placement in the program beyond the grid of all shows.

Early Bird deadline to confirm 17 March 2024 with 17% discount or 12 April 2024 as the festival program deadline. Web site (Buy) received over 400,000 unique page impressions over the 2022 festival.

Standard web and box office listing with ticketing on - Free

Featured listing that puts you in the top three of the search results

Ad placement on front page, search page and other options to be announced.

Socials shout outs (Buy)

Leverage the Anywhere Fringe audience on Facebook and in Instagram with a schedule post / real / story delivered when you want.

Slots are limited to ensure maximum effectiveness and you can choose to schedule as purely organic or to promote the post. Costs vary depending on the day with peak days and times.


Resources (Buy)

If you are emerging producer and building your skills is important, access the leading and internationally recognised “Producing Live Performances Anywhere” video course and course book

Full course including templates

Just the templates - budgeting, marketing, planning, checklists, risk assessment

Workshops (Buy)

Anywhere Fringe will run a few workshops with industry experts depending on demand. As they are announced, you can book and attend for a token amount expected to be around $20-$30.

Public Liability Insurance(Buy)

Buy into Anywhere's umbrella coverage to cover you from rehearsals through to final performance. A risk assessment has to be provided and approved by us for the cover to be accepted. Some events will no the covered and we recommend looking at other providers like DuckForCover to receive year long coverage instead.

Find and buy any of the things you want with the up to date prices at THIS LINK.

Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we present Anywhere Festival, the Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi, Jinibara, Turrbal and Yuggera Peoples. We wish to pay respect to their Elders - past, present and emerging - and acknowledge the important role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their stories continue to play.