Every Day Poems for Every Day

Celebrate Brisbane’s Vibrant Poetry Scene at “Every Day Poems for Every Day”

Brisbane, QLD – Saturday 20th July 2024 – Brisbane’s rich tapestry of poetic talent is set to be showcased at ” Every Day Poems for Every Day,” an enchanting evening celebrating the city’s diverse and dynamic poetry scene. The event will take place on Saturday 20th July at Shirleys bringing together a blend of fresh voices and established wordsmiths.

“Every Day Poems for Every Day” aims to highlight the depth and breadth of poetic expression within the local community. Attendees will be treated to performances from rising stars making their debut on the Brisbane poetry circuit, as well as from seasoned poets whose works have garnered acclaim both locally and beyond.

Featured poets include:

Rhys Becks : A beloved figure in Brisbane’s literary community Becks is a Brisbane based Performer, Director, Producer, Playwright, and Poet, who from an early age has harboured a love for written language and the power of words. Becks began writing poetry at the age of ten and was first published in an anthology of poetry and prose by the age of 12. In adulthood Becks continued to write poetry, but until now has chosen to keep most of these works private. Becks’ poetic style has been heavily influenced by the work of the 19th century European masters (e.g. including, but not limited to, the likes of Alfred Lord Tennyson, and Matthew Arnold), he enjoys playing with different poetic structures, meter, rhythm, rhyme, and tempo, and showcasing complex emotions through the use of imagery/symbolism, and narrative.

Ross Clarke : An award-winning poet celebrated for their evocative and thought-provoking verse. Ross CLARK’s poetry and haiku has appeared in periodicals (Australian and overseas), in his own volumes (7 books and 3 chapbooks), and in performance, for half a century. He has been won a number of national poetry awards (eg Peter Porter Poetry Prize, National Jazz Writing Award), been awarded a Centenary of Federation Medal, and toured his work extensively in eastern Australia, plus Texas (USA) and Japan.

Helen McKenzie-Ross : Whilst attending regular acting classes in her twenties, little did she know that a poet was soon to be born. And all because of a gorilla named Lulu. As part of a drama assignment, Helen had to ‘perform’ a poem or piece about an animal, as selected by a ‘lucky dip’.  Subsequently, her first poem, Lulu, the Gorgeous Gorilla was penned. This led to her studying a ‘Diploma in Writing’ with the NSW Writing School and undertaking subsequent poetry writing workshops in a variety of styles. Helen’s array of poetry has been published in anthologies and collections including her own children’s collection of giggle poems, ‘Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems’, published in 2009. Helen has been a visiting children’s poet in many schools, libraries and community events in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

Laura Bowles : A promising new talent whose fresh and innovative approach to poetry has captivated audiences. Laura is an emerging poet with a degree in Creative Industries, majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Drama. Though she has written only two poems, her passion for the craft is evident. Laura has honed her skills through various workshops, where she has explored the nuances of poetic expression.

While she has limited performance experience of poetry, her dedication to storytelling and the art of poetry shines through in her work. Laura’s unique blend of creative writing and dramatic flair promises to captivate and inspire. Join us for an evening of discovery as Laura shares her poetic journey.

The evening promises an eclectic mix of styles and themes, reflecting the unique perspectives and stories of Brisbane’s poets. From introspective reflections to vibrant commentaries on contemporary life, the performances will offer something for everyone.

In addition to the poetry readings, the event is a BYO at Brisbane’s newest and most intimate performance space.

“Brisbane has a thriving arts community, and this event is a testament to the incredible talent we have here,” said Nicky Whichelow (nickywvoices), the event organizer. “We’re excited to provide a platform for both new and established poets to share their work and to foster a deeper appreciation for the art of poetry in our city.”

“Every Day Poems for Every Day is proud to be part of the Anywhere Festival for 2024, reflecting a collective commitment to nurturing the arts and supporting local talent.

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