Chaos Theory: A Magic show where everything matters.

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“Australia’s most original and creative Magician explores the butterfly effect!”
Chaos Theory debuts in July 2024

Chaos Theory is a philosophical, introspective, autobiographical magic show.

The show will run for 60 minutes, tickets cost $25 each and the venues/times are:

Northside Studio Brisbane, Banyo-July 20– 6pm & 8pm

Northside Studio Brisbane, Banyo-July 27– 6pm & 8pm

Northside Studio Brisbane, Banyo-August 3– 6pm & 8pm

Chaos Theory is a brand-new philosophical, introspective, autobiographical magic show from seasoned magician Aaron Ducker. Through the medium of magic; Aaron aims to explore the concept that we can change the world simply by existing! The show will feature a mix of new spins on classic tricks as well as brand-new innovative magic Aaron has created specifically for Chaos Theory.

Like all of Aaron’s previous shows; Chaos Theory has an audience-centric philosophy. Chaos Theory aims to bring the audience inside the show by both involving select audience members as participants in tricks and by creating an engaging environment of honesty and openness in the show thereby forming a stronger connection between performer and audience. As an introspective show; the very concepts of openness and human connection are key themes of Chaos Theory. Part of the experience of seeing Aaron live is just how close the audience can be in his shows (mere inches away). That’s a dynamic you just don’t have in a traditional theatre space. Being an Anywhere Festival show lets spectators right up into the action, creating a truly unique experience for the audience.

Aaron Ducker has been a stand-up comedian and performer for nearly twenty years. As a magician, he is known for his innovative process. Aaron is one of the very few magicians who actively creates his own material and illusions. He was also recently featured as an article writer for the ABC.



For information or questions, please contact:

Aaron Ducker

[email protected]


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