Catch Anywhere Festival and Fringe Brisbane Festival alumni at Wynnum Fringe

We’re so excited to see shows developed, premiered and performed at Anywhere Festival and Fringe Brisbane programmed in the 2023 Wynnum Fringe Festival. Which shows? Read on to find out.

Speakeasy by Candy Shop Show Australia (BOOK NOW)

DATE: 15 November, 2023 – 19 November, 2023

“Candy Shop Show Australia have been a big favourite at Anywhere Festival, performing everywhere from Mackay and Noosa to EC Venues in Brisbane.

What would it be like to be a performer in a Speakeasy in the 1920s? You might learn a thing or two through hilarious anecdotes, stunning dance numbers and plenty of sass.

SPEAKEASY is a journey through the jazz age when liquor was banned, jazz music was rife and dancing was all that mattered.

Featuring live vocals, beautiful harmonies and fabulous flappers set to an authentic soundtrack from artists like Glenn Miller, Fred Astaire, Duke Ellington + more, this lively nod to the past will set your soul alight!

Absolute Trash by Glitter Martini (BOOK NOW)

DATE: 15 November, 2023 – 16 November, 2023

“One of our audience favourites, Glitter Martini have been seen in wast disposal centres, breweries and architecturally designed homes with their shows. Catch them at Wynnum Fringe Festival”

Join us for an iconic and ironic celebration of all things garbage! See incredible circus, a bin chicken with big dreams, and performers more flexible than the governments idea of sensible climate policy. Guiding you through this up-cycled fever dream is Natasha Binit, the Queen of Trash. Unleash the garbage monster within and take yourself out to the trashiest show at Wynnum Fringe.

”Absolute Trash is hilarious, sexy, puntastic, and surprisingly classy for a show about waste.”Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

“Expertly balanced between comedic skits and skilled specialist acts” Theatre Haus

Date Night by Taylor Edwards and Chris Martin (BOOK NOW)

DATE: 16 November, 2023

“We last saw Chris Martin and Taylor Edward at the last Anywhere Festival and Fringe Brisbane Festival. They are a Brisbane comedy power duo and this show brings together their individual awesome skills together for a very special Date Night.”

Shave your legs, wash your hair, and do all your farts at work, because it’s DATE NIGHT!

A brand new sketch comedy show from Chris Martin and Taylor Edwards, two of Brisbane’s best comedy writers, who also happen to be a couple… get a room!

So grab your date and come see a comedy show for couples only* (no single freaks please).

*please note the sketches will cover a wide range of topics enjoyable to everyone and not just couples (single freaks welcome!)

“My cheeks ached from laughing by the time I left” – Anywhere Festival audience member

Shakespeare Pick & Re(Mix) by Queensland Shakes Ensemble (BOOK NOW)

DATE: 18 November, 2023 – 25 November, 2023

“Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble are THE Shakespeare company to see in Brisbane. WE last aw them with their first production of Macbeth at the Fringe Brisbane Festival building and audiences loved Shakespeare Pick & RE(Mix) at the 2022 Fringe Brisbane Festival.”

Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet walk into a bar…

Calling all Shakespeare lovers, Shakespeare loathers, and everyone in between! Join us for 60 minutes of rambunctious laughter and ridiculous antics as we transform Shakespeare’s most popular works into highly physical, bite-size fun!

Cheer, whistle and stomp to decide whose story makes it to the stage! No matter who comes out on top, we promise to bring the hijinks, musical interludes, dance numbers, and wooden-sword-wheeling!

Speed: The Movie, The Play by Act/React (BOOK NOW)

“Restaurants, maritime museums, warehouses. If there is a company more Anywhere than Act/REact we’re not sure who it is. They’ve just wooed Melbourne Fringe Festival with a sell out season and now they’re back with another season of that runaway bus.”

DATE: 17 November, 2023 – 2 December, 2023

Pop quiz, hotshot.

There’s a bomb on a bus. If the bus drops below 50 miles per hour, it explodes. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?!

Jump onboard our vintage bus for this shameless homage to the 1994 action thriller ‘Speed’, the film which proved once and for all the best drama is on public transport.

It’s a high-octane, low-fi rollercoaster with non-stop laughs.

Warning: contains Hollywood(ish) special effects and jokes about Keanu Reeves’ career.

The Wynnum Fringe Festival runs 15 December to 3 December 2023

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