Banshee’s Luck – Review by Catherine Lawrence

Andrew Gillanders (Producer, Playwright and Ælis) introduces Banshees Luck as ‘A Beggar’s Life for a Beggar’s Wish. Step into the fae-realm of Brianna Bodil Banshee. It’s a world between worlds where the fate of Beggars is determined both by the roll of the dice and the will of a Jury. Here the rules are fluid, and the outcome is never certain. Each decision made by you, a humble Juror, carries the potential to tip the balance in favour of a damned soul. The sands of fate may be earned, and these may weigh the scales, but only those who prove their worth will earn the chance.’

Intrigued? I was. And, having seen this excellent new work, I was also impressed at the development of a coherent tale as a piece of immersive theatre that really captures audience members’ imagination.

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