An Underground City. A Rat Race.

Amir is seeking asylum in a city out of sight. Greeted by some, rejected by others, will he
ever be accepted as one of them?

Inspired by the real life story of the Murugappan family from Biloela, this is a play about
how conversations, compassion and community will get society further than debate and

Sewer Rat is a social commentary on Refugees in Australia, according to the Amnesty
International Australia Humans Rights Barometer 2021, Australians want an end to offshore
detention. For more than half a decade the Australian Government has sent men, women
and children seeking safety – refugees and asylum seekers – to Nauru and Manus Island,
Papua New Guinea. Sending Families and Children to Manus Island for indefinite periods of
time risks breaching Australia’s human rights obligations including the Convention on the
Rights of the Child. Sewer Rat aims to defuse the flame of this debate.

Using anthropomorphic characters and an astute political eye, the third play in the award
winning Rogue Toad trilogy written by Snap Crackle Theatre’s Tania Nash is a comedy about
a tragedy of the modern world.

Sewer Rat is an immersive experience with the actors working within the seated audience,
encouraging rapport throughout the show.

Join the Rogue Toad and Pooch Park cast and head below the surface to investigate one of
the most humanitarian issues of our time.

SEWER RATS is also performing at Spring Hill Reservoir, Brisbane 6-8 May. BOOK TICKETS.
For further information please call Tania Nash on 0414761772 or email

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