2AM: The Extended Cut – Review by Jay Bowman

The actors delivered an engaging performance and made masterful use of the space they were in. A prime example was during the formal scene – while Leola and Victoria (Sabrina Fu) were having a tense conversation in the dining room, the other characters congregated in the kitchen behind them, playing out their own background scene. Having these layers of depth made the experience incredibly immersive, whether the room was being used as a home, bar, or uni library. 

The immersive experience was occasionally thrown off by Damot. As they directed us from scene to scene, they would sometimes joke about the room looking “eerily similar” to one we’ve seen before. These comments brought me out of the story and back into a stranger’s living room. While their narration earned quite a few laughs from the audience, it occasionally felt heavy-handed and awkward. With a bit more confidence and a bit less spelling out of the plot, the narrator could become the highlight of the play.

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