13: The Play – Review by Virag Dombay

The aim of new collective Legacy Ensemble is to take audiences on a journey of discovery that leaves them asking more questions than they get answers. And 13: The Play did just that.

The first show by debut company Legacy Ensemble, 13: The Play combines the art forms of physical theatre, comedy and vignette style storytelling to shine a light of thirteen young people trapped in some kind of imprisonment as they relive their past traumas. Set in a parking lot underneath the night sky, the atmosphere was appropriately raw and stripped back as was the style of storytelling.

Stories explored included racism in schools, toxic relationships, hot dog eating competitions and more heavier topics like child abduction, gang violence in youth and sudden deaths. In each vignette, whichever actors weren’t in focus created the ‘set’ of the scene – which ranged from playground swings, to aeroplanes and a service station – all equally as impressive in their composition.

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