Blind in the Rabbit Hole

Presented by Screech Arts and Anywhere Festival

Stigma through the looking glass

A group of people behind a wire fence reaching out their arms

Screech Arts ‘Actors Ensemble’ and ‘Dance Troupe’ come together in Blind in the Rabbit Hole; stigma through the looking glass. A contemporary heavy physical theatre piece based around the elements of “Alice in Wonderland”, this performance aims to incorporate artist stories and lived experiences of stigma. Not wanting to turn a blind eye anymore, “Alice” falls into the rabbit hole with a desire to educate herself on the realities of stigma. Through this experience, Alice hopes to take her learnings back to reality and influence more communication, connection and educate those around her on the unconscious stigma that comes in many forms throughout society.

Please bring a torch or hand-held source of light and wear a comfortable pair of shoes as you will be moving around during the performance. There will be no parking on site; street parking only.

This performance is held at CPL’s Ashgrove service, located on Turrbal Country.

Please see below for ticket prices and dates. Please purchase tickets prior to attending; due to the nature of the performance, they’ll be unavailable on the night.

To book a free companion ticket you have to follow the below guidelines. Please contact the event organisers if you have any questions.

  • Be assisting/supporting another paying audience member to attend the performance that has a companion card.
  • Ensure the paying audience member you are assisting/supporting is present on the same night you attend in the audience
  • Ensure the paying audience member you are assisting/supporting can present their companion card on the night / or at time of booking.
  • State the name of the paying audience member you are assisting/supporting. As audience members will be split up and we want to ensure you are not split up from the person you are assisting/supporting on the night.