Welcome to Anywhere Festival, a festival of performances Anywhere! 

Anywhere Festival will once again take temporary possession of everyday and extraordinary places through Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Noosa for the twelfth year to present an intimate discovery of places and performances. 

Now more than ever it feels it is important for us to connect through performance and storytelling.

We believe stories are nothing without the connection to the place in which they are told. This is why Anywhere Festival is all about performances taken outside the theatre silos and into the wonderful spaces everywhere else. 

Paul Osuch - Anywhere Festival


A Little Life Theatre | Andrew Gillanders | Aoife Kissane and Matias Nuñez | Belinda Griffin | Betty Nicholson and Lyn Panetta | Blue Stockings | Blue Tac | Bourke & Heather | Candy Shop Show Australia | Company ‘22 QCGU | Cope Creative & de Jager Productions | Corporate Dancers | The Drawer Productions | Dugald Lowis |  Edge Improv | Emma Messenger |  Eudaemonia Productions |  Fini | Fletcher Chace | Georgie Neilsen | Glitter Martini | Good Tunes |  Haus of Beaver Productions | H.E.L.L.A Productions | Here + There Productions | High Tide Circus |  ImproMafia | Isabel Stankiewicz | Inscape Assembly | Jordan | Lightning Bolt Collective | littlejaneyjanegerous | Lucem Vitae | Luminaire Productionsl | Madcouch Productions | Madeleine |  Maisie Crosdale | Master of Delusions | Muses Trio | Mystify Events | Peranya Thai Music | Perseverance Street Theatre Company |  Pigasus Productions | The Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble |  Pink Lake Productions | Silver Sircus | Skimble Skamble Fools | Snap Crackle Theatre | Some Humans Maybe |  Springboard Productions | T!TS AKIMBO | Trichotomy | Tristan Niemi |  Underground Productions | Vibrant Arts Media | Virgo Nash | Vulcana Circus | Xth Act | Zara Chandler | Zoe Quinn

EC Venue | University of Queensland | Fish Lane 

Allison Engine Testing Stands | Anywhere Festival Hub at Old Jo Jo's Restaurant | Australian Modern | Blute's Bar | Brisbane Tool Library | By the Brisbane River at the Queensland Maritime Museum | Cinnamon & Co | Empire Revival | Global Change Institute  | The Great Court | Holy Trinity Church Hall | House Conspiracy | Loft West End | Mappin's Nursery and Aquarium | Mr Badgers | Next Level Studios | Nudgee Beach Environmental Education Centre | Old Ambulance Station | Plant Empire | Residential Homes | Salisbury Community Sports Club | Scarborough Beach Park | Senate Room | Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium | St Andrews Uniting Church | The Cave Inn | The Junk Bar | The Paint Factory | The Wawahine Lounge  | Vulture Street Espresso | West End Yoga  | Yoga In Daily Life |

House Conspiracy Picture



Thank you to our many supportive sponsors. Your generosity and support makes it possible for us to provide support to local performance makers to take creative risks without the financial risks. Brisbane City Council is a major sponsor of the 2022 Anywhere eFestival in Brisbane.

"This is hands-down our actual fave performing arts festival of the year."

Nothing Ever Happens In Brisbane.com

"I discovered local nooks and crannies that not even the locals knew existed!"

Dave H. (Audience member)

"Anywhere Festival is THE place to discover local performances before they become big and see in weird locations once they are ;-)"

Vanessa J (Audience member)


Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we present Anywhere Festival, the Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi, Jinibara, Turrbal and Yuggera Peoples. We wish to pay respect to their Elders - past, present and emerging - and acknowledge the important role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their stories continue to play.