Saturday 16 February

Now the the program deadline has passed, you can no longer access your show listing for editing or create new show listings through these pages. Once they go live, you will access information through the Ticket and Door Sales Menu..

we are going through the listings, making and suggesting changes where we feel improvements can be made and getting you to provide information that is incomplete or needs work.

You will be emailed (if not already) with a link to your online listings in two stages:

  • To double check and provide additional information for the print deadline (now) . At this time, your listing will include information at the bottom that will not go live and is for the print program only. This will not include ticketing.
  • To double check as an online listing (early March). The listing will not include the additional fields from above “Special Ticket Instructions”, private addresses, etc, but will include ticketing that will not be there for the print checking.

If you notice information is missing, email it to