The inaugural Wollongong Anywhere Fest’ Awards go to…

The Anywhere Awards are our way of acknowledging a fraction of the outstanding experiences at the inaugural Wollongong Anywhere Theatre Festival.

From 17-27 August there have been over 52 performances throughout the nooks and crannies of Wollongong!

So, before we announce the awards, how does it work? The Anywhere Awards are based on audience nomination numbers and comments. Audiences nominated a show and had the option to state why they felt it should be nominated for an Anywhere Award.

Paul Osuch then looked through the reasons for nomination and took into account the entries per show. They took into account the audience capacity for the show because an event with a capacity of 20 and less nominations can be just as amazing as one with more votes because it has a capacity of 200.

There is no “Best” production, script, direction, up and coming, actor in a comedic role, or bodice in a period drama etal. Instead, each award is for the entire experience –  the impact on audiences, the artistic risks and the realised ambition of everyone who created these wonderful experiences – an enthralling story in a location that people can experience no other way.

This year there are three winners, and they are…

Albert & Jameson: A Play With Vampires
Presented by The Dire Theatre
Where: Wesley Church, Crown Street, Wollongong

Join the worlds worst immortals, the Vampires Albert and Jameson as they struggle to deal with the afterlife’s three big “E’s”, Eternity, Enraged Peasants and Each Other.

Wonderful show with excellent cast, also venue was awesome 5 star evening”

“If this play doesn’t win, God will cry. Awesome play. Loved it.”

He Said She Said 
Presented by Wollongong Comedy
Where: Backyard of Stane’s Manor, North Wollongong

There’s always two sides to every story.  Imagine both those sides told by comedians. We take some comedy couples and put them on stage to take turns telling their version of an event from their lives.

“Great cosy atmosphere and vibe, funny topics and great local talent”

“I wonderfully funny and intimate performance that drew you into the performers lives.”

The Dapper One Presented by Phoenix Theatre

Where: Ziggy’s House of Nomms

A waiter who has served at the best restaurants in Europe finds himself at the end of his career in a small café in Wollongong. He looks over his life and experiences and what brought him to where he is.

Was just blown away by the writing and acting! The Dapper One would be a hit anywhere in the world. I was taken on a rollercoaster of emotions and still thinking of the play a week later. The writer and actor took time out to talk to me and answered my questions about the play. These guys are a magnificent credit to Wollongong’s creative community and I’d pay to see this show again anywhere in the world! It also shows that quality does to have to come from the big cities.”


The three randomly selected winners of an Anywhere Theatre Festival T-shirts are Lesley Newman, Simon Meers and Jeremy Boulton. We will be emailing you all with details.

Thank you to everyone who filled out an audience survey and everyone who voted in the Anywhere Awards!

* All show photos courtesy of each company or artist. and header photo of HE SAID SHE SAID by Sam St Jon.