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Be Our Witness



Directed by Gina Tay Limpus

Be Our Witness




May 24 – 26, 2019

We’re ready to grow up. Right here, right now. And you’re going to be our witness.

You’ve been invited to a ceremony. Your role: a witness of what’s to come. Tonight, in this room, there will be a transformation. Six, to be exact. By the end of this hour, we will not be children anymore.

In CÜPO’s Warehouse space in the heart of Fortitude Valley, a group of No-Longer-Kids-But-Not-Yet-Adults prepare for the ceremony that will evolve them from children to adults. Like a prom committee with much higher stakes, the pressure for them to get the ceremony right is enormous. To avoid an eternal limbo, Sage, Sonya, Lottie, Jack, Fin and Maddie need to grow up now, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes.

Directed by Gina Tay Limpus, this contemporary performance slams together The Breakfast Club, Lord of the Flies and your neighborhood witch coven. You’re thrust into a world of adolescence, ritual and endurance, and invited to interrogate what you consider to be the rites of passage into adulthood.

A collaboration between theatre, poetry and dance, BE OUR WITNESS is a show like you’ve never seen. As Limpus shares, “We’ve got these really intricate physical scores slammed up against a really hearty set of text. It’s then accompanied by this incredibly haunting original soundtrack. All the artists involved in this show have proven to be masterful at layering it all together.”

She also discusses the idea behind the work, “As young people, there often seems a huge disconnect between the person we currently are and the person we want to become. This show is all about figuring out what fills that gap; deciding what must occur in order to make the very real transformation from child to adult. What is that change? How does it come about? We don’t know, so we have to guess and hope for the best.”

To witness the ceremony and experience this coming of age, where becoming of age is the hardest part, book tickets for BE OUR WITNESS by following the link below:




Gina Tay Limpus // Director

Ben Adams // Devisor/Performer

Nicole Amaya // Devisor/Performer

Gabe Francis // Devisor/Performer

Heidi Harrison // Devisor/Performer

Rose Nguyen // Designer/Performer

Lauren Story // Devisor/Performer

Pavle Banovic // Composer


VENUE // CÜPO, 17 McLachlan St,

Fortitude Valley QLD 4006


TICKETS // $25

BOOKINGS // https://anywhere.is/witness/



OPENS // May 24, 2019

CLOSES // May 26, 2019



May 24: 6:00pm

May 25: 6:00pm

May 26: 6:00pm



Name: Gina Tay Limpus

Mobile: +61 415 608 513

Email: gina.limpus@hotmail.com