Wildflowering REVIEW by Lara Qualtrough

A Saturday afternoon crowd packed the Caloundra Regional Gallery to witness a re-telling of the events and activism that resulted in a Sunshine Coast National Park being created and protected from sand mining. Using verbatim extracts, the story of activism is retold in the words of Kathleen McArthur and Judith Wright. It was presented in the form of a performative lecture. It wasn’t really a lecture, but it was definitely a performance. Rainee Skinner and Kate Wilson delivered the passions, frustrations, humour and purpose of these powerful women. Their delivery was exciting and moving. An introduction by director Susan Davis explained why they would read from scripts: it was never meant to be a performance, but rather a conversation as though between the women themselves.

The content suited the form. The expression by the actors was masterful. The hour flew by. Inspiration was ignited. This was a considered and masterful presentation. History should always be taught this way.