Why you should register for Anywhere Fest before you know what to do

Why register for Anywhere Festival by 14 December when you are still unsure what you will do in the festival?

At Anywhere we want to create the best experience for independent producers. Everything we do is about new ways of thinking and about minimising the cost to attract an audience to an event. That’s why we work with you to broker rent free venues, why we produce programs and poster, why we provide media lists and why we are always at the end of an email, phone or Facebook message to answer questions.

We also want to make sure people who register with us are motivated and we need to do this as early as possible so we can start working with you. Now that registrations are open, that’s why we ask participants to register by 15 December 2015 to be involved in the Brisbane Anywhere Festival running 5-21 May 2016.

When you register for free, we ask that you make a donation to help us deliver of vision of making performance happen anywhere.

We don’t expect you will know all the details about your show and where you are performing. In fact, we’d be downright surprised, so when you register all we ask from you is some basic details and the payment. If you already know more than that, then even more reason to register early and work with us to get all the details locked in.

The reason why we ask you to register by 15 December instead of the 28 February deadline (which would be more in line with the approach of fringe festivals – which we are not) is that as soon as you are registered, you get signed up to our resources and you can access us to start working out all the where, when, how, what and even the why before all details need to be sorted for the printed program by 28 February 2016.

Because a major part of the festival is about performance anywhere and building up your skills, we know the work and value to you begins before all the details need to be confirmed.

What happens if you register and then don’t find a venue that works for you or for some reason out of your control don’t have a project sorted by 28 February? Easy, we’ll refund your donation. We will do everything we can to get you across the line, but sometimes when a project isn’t coming together it just needs to be left and we understand that.

Paul from Anywhere