Written and performed by Melina Wightman and Lia Stark, Love Letters to F™™kbois and Other Woes of Wayward Women explores contemporary relationships through the reading of personal letters to mysterious lovers of the past. As a part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival and nested in the cozy den of Lucky Duck in Highgate Hill, this Broad City meets Sex and The City standup comedy becomes an ode to the love life of the modern single woman on Tinder.

Follow these letter punches from the loins of two ladies with too much, or maybe too little experience with men, as they question sex, love and intimacy in the age of tinder. The clit is the pen and the pen is the sword with these tongue in cheek Scarlett letters that delve into the neurosis of the female libido, scattered with a symphony of (fore)play on words. Is it just these two lasses who define embarrassment in the boudoir or are we all doomed to be unlucky in love? Figure out your own story as these wayward women define theirs and maybe you’ll swipe right.

Melina Wightman is an emerging artist with a background in both theatre and visual art. Her passions lie in making evocative theatrical experiences that stimulate conversation in and out of art spaces. She has worked extensively with the Suicide Ensemble in Brisbane and Melbourne, and hopes to further her career as a feminist theatre marker.

Lia Stark is a local emerging theatre maker who has just returned from a year working in New York with Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More. She is interested in engaging with audiences in immersive and unique ways, always centered around exploring the modern intricacies of creative feminist theory.

These two women come together to create a show that humorously speaks to the cathartic nature of writing down your near misses in love and sharing them with the world. All the letters in this performance come from the real experiences of Wightman and Stark, therefore this show will be encouraging audiences to share their own Love Letters to F**ckbois. This is a show for those happily in love, ecstatically single or anywhere inbetween.

VENUE Lucky Duck Bar and Cafe, 15 Gladstone Rd, Highgate Hill


19 MAY


TO BOOK http://anywherefest.com/loveletters