Transit Tales

A charming peek into local improvisational theatre that will get you from A to B.

The cosy setup on the West End ferry terminal provided the perfect backdrop for the huddle of cute, comedic scenes presented by Pigasus Entertainment.  The love of improv was evident from the performers and was more than enough to warm the hearts of the passengers in audience on Wednesday evening.  And the chuckles shared by all were enough to warm their bodies.  This was a perfect introduction into improvised theatre for young and old alike, as was reflected by the witnessing ‘passengers’ at the terminal. 

The actors performed scenes inspired by true to life experiences on local public transport from the crowd; strangers caught making flirtatious faces to each other across aisles on Brisbane busses; and a child was gifted a Spiderman balloon at the train station that made her day until she realised Spiderman was not her favourite super hero any more… I was delighted also to find unintentionally some very useful ideas on how to deal (as well as how not to deal) with characters I might begrudgingly encounter on my commute.

An entertaining half hour was had by all who planned their attendance, as well as by those who stumbled across the lively re-enactments.  So fun to see Brisbane come to life in this way and have live theatre projected so joyously and digestibly.  Well done, Team Pigasus!


  1. Sabina on 23 May 2021 at 2:24 pm

    Thank you for your review! We are glad you found us entertaining.

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