Tragedy!… with Room To Play

With the 2016 Anywhere Festival about to bring this balmy Brisbane autumn to life for the best part of May, we thought we’d best start planning our festival agenda to grab the best of what’s on offer in the 2016 Anywhere Festival Programme. 

Checking out the amazing programme of the Anywhere Festival, we happened upon a new one-woman show in the exciting new space that is the Room To Play Independent Theatre at the Substation in Paddington; a cool, central address with an enticing new work by Brisbane artist, Elizabeth Scales, in Tragedy! A new comedy, as part of Room To Play’s inaugural season. Following the entertaining and hilarious premiere of her first one-woman show, Becoming Bette, as part of the 2015 Anywhere Festival (Mackay and Brisbane), Elizabeth returns to the festival with her second one-woman show of tragically epic proportions.

Tragedy! A new comedy. is the latest original work to trickle out of Elizabeth’s pen onto paper, being brought to life in both the live and media spaces with another solo act. Embracing her love of film, Elizabeth has devised an original work inspired by the illustrious Greek Tragedies with a decidedly modern twist in both production and theme.

“The inspiration or point of departure for Tragedy! was borne out of my love for epic Greek Tragedies (one of the earliest forms of theatre) and how it is still relevant today, not only in format but thematically as well. Furthermore, I have always had a particular interest in the Greek Tragic Chorus ever since my training days. I am intrigued by the body and voice as a collective and the way in which Greek Tragedies always used the chorus as the voice of reason, the voice of the town/community, the voice of wisdom and / or the voice to comment on the times.”

It is clear that Elizabeth is ardent about this genre and the notion of a collective voice, body and ensemble. But how does one woman convey the voice of a chorus and, with such a love of the ensemble, how does one successfully execute this endeavour alone?

“(hearty laugh) I did think about that in the very first stages. I love a chorus and I adore working with an ensemble. On a playful level, actually my focal desire in creating Tragedy! was to make use of technology to create my own chorus! Ironically, I have played straight into the issue that Tragedy! is exploring; the very modern theme of the individual and solitary living. In this day and age, we are becoming more and more autonomous. Technology and the narcissism of a social media world has bred a society of individuals. It has made me curious about modern day society’s collective voice.”

It certainly sounds as though Elizabeth has based her new work on a solid foundation of research. Tragedy! definitely has substance to it, which is something that Elizabeth prides herself on incorporating into all of her work, particularly comedy.

“I think it is important to have a solid base of research under any work created. Tragedy! is certainly a comedy and there is an epic amount of folly in the show. It is entertaining and light. The research underneath should produce a show with substance with the audience leaving having felt completely entertained but possibly a week later might think, ‘ah yes, I see a point to that ridiculous moment or that funny song.’ The aim is always to entertain. The added value is the research that goes into creating a work that offers insight as well.”

With that we are sold! Tragedy! A new comedy. is definitely top of the list on our 2016 Anywhere Festival agenda.  Be sure to grab your tickets early in order to avoid disappointment. The wonderful new independent theatre space that is Room To Play is an intimate space that will keep you up close and personal with this one-woman goddess!

Tragedy! A new comedy.  will premiere at 7 pm on Mother’s Day, Sunday 8th May 2016.

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