Tongue in Cheek Winery Tour


DATE/TIME/DAY: 23/05/21- 10.30am

From grape to wine – the journey! Ocean view family winery is nestled amongst the rolling hills of mt mee and obviously provided the perfect venue for this anywhere tongue in cheek winery tour.  I found myself, along with a sell out crowd embarking on the journey a grape takes from the vine to the bottle to our palates.

Our eager crowd socialized in the courtyard where exchanges were shared, views appreciated and interactions with the two comedic characters resulting in much laughter. A textbook pre-tour setting!

With wine in hand, our tour began among the grape vines overlooking the winery. Our host Andrew exuded passion for his craft and we commenced on the wine journey. Questions were encouraged and some took this opportunity.

Our next stop was the wine processing shed where our crowd was transported further through the steps involved in the wine journey, wine sampling and the partaking of delicious cheese platters. Dougal and Desdemona our two comedic characters mingled amongst the crowd and provided many well-timed, fun, tongue in cheek moments that absolutely added value to this event.

The wine journey ended way too quickly and we were transported back to the reality of Sunday. Thanks Anywhere Theatre, Ocean View Estate and Moreton Bay Council for providing such a fun, innovative and informative event. I hope this tour will be back next year for those who missed out this time around!