Review by Jacquelin Melilli.

If you were crazy enough to book a seat it might pay you to brush up on your Gremlin language skills, before boarding Air Linius Hippopotumus, as it’s imperative that you understand that your life is in danger. You’ll receive a bolt on arrival that will later be used to hold the plane together. Your baggage will be checked; you will be charged for excess and harassed according to your attitude. Expect a bumpy ride as you are taken to your seats by a wacky crew who are not shy about poking about your business.

Don’t expect this zany production to make sense. Anyone who books a seat on an aircraft that is in the process of being built is asking for trouble. However, these pesky Gremlins are up for the challenge. In the mayhem of plugging and unplugging electricals you’ll enjoy a rather bizarre assortment of inflight entertainment ranging from an accordion squeezing Gremlin, and a Gremlin-speaking flight attendant (with translator) telling comforting stories of plane crashes. Be prepared for anything to happen, including the surprise appearance of a little white mouse that is swallowed and then projected towards unsuspecting passengers. Then, to completely blow you out of the air, you’ll be ducking flying potatoes, unless you have the skill to skewer them with a fork. Sounds crazy? Well what did you expect from Gremlins.

If you are questioning whether to book a seat for your children, knowing they will plummet to certain death on take-off, the answer is YES. They will definitely die laughing. This show is not to be missed if you are a fan of Gremlins and have a death wish. After all, you only live once and what better way to die than to book ahead so you don’t miss out. Go on, I dare you.