The CLINT’S Come Again! REVIEW by Fiona Davey

Remember the Clint’s? You know, the all-girl cousin band from the 80’s – yeah, that’s them…Lee-Ann, Debbie, Jane and Susan…well, they’re back, or rather, three of them are – Susan is a little tied up right now.
The CLINTS Come Again! Is an 80’s inspired cabaret, presented by Laine Loxlea Danann, Elise Greig & Jo Greig at the iconic Australian Modern in Carina.
The venue, and home to the producers of Australian Modern magazine, is the Eisenmenger House in Carina, and worth a visit in its own right. Make sure you have a chat with enthusiastic hosts Chris and Susan.
Arriving in plenty of time for the advertised 7pm, 60-minute show, Lee-Ann, Debbie and Jane made their way to the stage kitted out in classic 80’s garb, a cross between Cath & Kim and The Bangles (with a touch of Adam Ant), at three minutes to eight with the promise of a fun 80’s sing-along. Invited to join in, the audience was initially hesitant as the girls had adapted well known numbers to fit their storyline, ostensibly the tale of absent fourth band-member, Susan, currently serving time at her Majesty’s pleasure. The song snippets were short, entertaining and supported their tales of growing up, brushes with fame, crime, lovers and life as an almost-made-it band.
The CLINTS Come Again is an entertaining evening out and will send you home humming the old 80’s classics, dreaming of hyper colour t-shirts, cassette tapes and psychedelic legwarmers.