The Circus Claire Show comes to Anywhere Festival

Vivacious and loveable Circus Claire brings her wacky story to life in a tongue-in-cheek celebration of self-discovery. The Circus Claire Show is an actioned-packed duo show that will be presented as part of the Anywhere Festival in Brisbane in May. Come on a journey through forty-five minutes of circus fun incorporating hula hoops, juggling, acrobatics, physical comedy, dance and a decent serving of the ridiculous.

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Claire trained in drama at Queensland University of Technology, and has performed for a number of years on the stage and more recently as a street performer. The Circus Claire Show premiered at the Brisbane Powerhouse in 2015 as part of the Wonderland Festival where it was well received by audiences of all ages. Claire has discovered her true passion in circus – a passion audiences find contagious.

“There is something so wonderfully genuine about circus. Circus is a celebration of ingenuity and mastery. I draw on my theatre training to incorporate narrative, humour and character in my show.”

Performer, Claire Ogden, is on a mission to bring smiles to audiences of all ages.

“This show is full of joy,”  Claire said. “There are a lot of circus skills in the show but there is more to this show than just tricks.”

The Circus Claire Show will have audiences laughing and dancing in their seats. Performances are at 6pm on the 14th, 15th and 21st of May at Flipside Circus, 117 Mina Parade, Alderley. Tickets can be purchased online through Anywhere Festival at