The Cave – Presented by We That Are Left REVIEW by Relish Creative

What a mysterious entrance introduction to Plato’s allegory, blindfolded and led into a virtual cave like a line of processionary caterpillars. The atmosphere was intimate, warm and there was a buzz in the air. I had no expectations as I gingerly took my seat.  Sally and Louise played exquisitely and Matilda joined with her beautiful vocals which together told a story of human conditioning, ideas and relationships.

A lot of emotion was portrayed in the music and I thoroughly enjoyed having the sense of sight taken away, as I felt it relieved me of some pressure and responsibility allowing me to absorb the atmosphere through all other senses in a more potent fashion. The performance had me curious, surprised and relaxed. The story unfolded to me as an expression of dialogue between humans, where at first there was peace and kinship, followed by times of unrest and disagreement. It made me wonder more about conditioning, instinct and intuition, how do we know what we know?

‘The Cave’ showed spirited and haunting expressions of the inter-connective nature of our relationships; of bonding and growth, kinship and power plays and the emotions that go with those ideas. I thought the concept and delivery of this performance were brilliant and would like to see more shows like this that express ideas as much as they raise questions about them; a great conversation starter.

The Cave 8pm performance – Reviewed by Rellish