The 2018 Anywhere Awards go to…

From 10-27 May 2018 there have been over 300 performances across 70+ locations  in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, And Noosa at Anywhere Festival!

This year the festival was supported by Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, as well as Brisbane City Council, Noosa Council and Sunshine Coast Council.

So, before we announce the awards, how does it work? The Anywhere Awards are based on audience nomination numbers as  proportion of total audience. This gives an intimate one off show with a capacity of 50 an equal chance as a show with a capacity of 200.

This is the third year of the Anywhere Awards and there were 2,107 nominations in a festival with a similar number of shows to 2017 when 1,265 votes were cast. thank you to everyone who nominated a show!

This year there are only eleven Anywhere Award winners, and they are…

Likely Story
Presented by Sunshine Coast Theatre Company
Where: Books of Buderim

A Show about books, a play on words if you will.


A Midsummer Night’s Whatever
Presented by Edge Improv
Where: The Junction Hotel, Annerley

New works by William Shakespeare!


Presented by Bonnie Curtis Projects
Where: Newmarket Hall & Eudlo Public Hall

A lucky door prize, objectified women, the Australian flag and forbidden romance.


You’ve (Already) Begun)
Presented by Herewith & Therethen
Where: Queensland Maritime Museum

An act of radical intimacy; an invitation to see an be seen.


Infinite Skies
Presented by Big Fork Theatre
Where: The Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium
Improvised comedy and sci fi collide at the Brisbane Planetarium.
* Brisbane City Council Anywhere Award


The Cave
Presented by We That Are Left
Where: University of the Sunshine Coast

How do you know what you know?


Presented by Magnetic North Theatre Company
Where:Hidden Garden, Bardon

Puck’s back, and someone gave hime wifi.

The Rogue Toad
Presented by Snap Crackle Theatre
Where: Noosa Ferry
A hilarious tale of love and mateship on the Noosa River.
* Noosa Council Anywhere Award


Presented by Anja & April Productions 
Where: Nash Playshed

A comedy of identity and being true to yourself.

Presented by Byte Theatre Company
Where: Buderim Aquatic Centre
Be immersed.
* Sunshine Coast Council Anywhere Award


The Uber To Hell
Presented by Adam Hasa
Where:My Ommaney Shopping Centre Carp Park

We’ve all had Uber rides from hell, but what about one to hell.


Reviewer Picks


Natasha Hayes

Gretel for the most amazing story co written for someone so young (15).


PuckCaz Kropp

Puck. This show knew what it wanted to say and did so with honesty and heart.


Fiona Davey

The Ballad of Rosie Quinn. The idea of a performance you can’t see is both courageous and challenging, especially in an age of TV, film and internet on demand.

Catherine Lawrence

Kiss of the Vampire Squid (honourable mentions to  Gretel, Super Circus Squad and The Box).


Xanthe Coward

My pick would be BYTES’ Metamorphoses, a professional looking and sounding production staged entirely in a pool by emerging performers, epitomising the anywhere philosophy. we’re talking with Robyn about re-staging it next year.

Meredith Walker

Kiss of the Vampire Squid by Act/React at the Maritime museum. It not only offered audiences lots of laughs and a chance to contribute to the show , but also a unique experience due to its location, showing off one of Brisbane’s nook and crannies places that locals probably forget about.

Elise Lawrence

My “Pick of the Fest” would be Alex Mizzen’s Invisible Things – it combined so many interesting design elements, told a clear narrative, and was just so exquisitely and emotionally performed.

Marissa Ker

I would like to nominate Invisible Things by Alex Mizzen & Team. It made me cry, it inspired me. It was an innovative performance which took the audience on a journey from the depths of despair to the heights of joy. It was simple and beautiful and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It felt really cutting edge and in my opinion, it needs to be performed on an amazing international platform like the Venice Biennale.

Festival Director’s Pick

There were so many incredible shows in this year’s festival, but I wanted to make a special mention of Invisible Things. Emotional, fully realised and something that illustrates the joys of an Anywhere work. A show I know would have been complex to realise but is so clearly executed, I know we will be seeing a lot more of Alex and Invisible things!







Audience Winner of the framed canvas 

This year’s winner of a stretched canvas of any Anywhere Photograph they choose is Bill Sugden, who saw Very Stable Geniuses. Bill, thank you for filling out the audience survey and nominating in the Anywhere Awards! We will be in contact to arrange your prize!